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Common Myths About Marriage

When it comes to marriage, nearly everyone has an opinion. You may find that once you are married, more people than ever are offering their unsolicited advice or asking you and your spouse personal questions. For some re ...

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Interesting American Wedding Customs You Might Want In Your Wedding

In the grand scheme of things, America is quite a young country. Still, a lot has changed since the nation was first colonized by Europeans. As the years have passed by, a number of traditions have come and gone. When it ...

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Who Proposes? Modern Wedding Questions

These days, it isn’t uncommon for a person to be married more than once. While the goal of marriage is to stick with the same person until death, there are countless good reasons why couples decide to split. Of cou ...

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Why You Should Consider Wedding Vow Journals for Personalized Vows

There are a ton of responsibilities involved with planning a wedding. From selecting caterers to chasing down family members for their RSVP information, you are definitely going to have your hands full throughout the pro ...

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What Do Your Wedding Flowers Say?

Since the dawn of time, humans have analyzed various aspects of the natural world and coded them into powerful symbols. It’s unsurprising that cultures all over the world have concocted complex collections of conno ...

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What You Need to Know About Wedding Calligraphy

Selecting your wedding invitations can turn into a major undertaking. You’ll make decisions about the typeface, color, type of paper, and other embellishments used to craft your final product. However, there may be ...

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The Exciting Legal Benefits of Marriage

Getting married can seem a bit passé to some. While there are plenty who still hold this old institution in high regard, more and more people are shrugging their shoulders at the thought of a wedding. Even though ...

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Attending a Wedding? Consider These Trendy Attire Tips

Customs surrounding weddings change from year to year and culture to culture. This especially goes for what is and isn’t acceptable for guests to wear. If you’ve got a few weddings to attend in your future, t ...

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Get Fit and Feel Inspired With Couple’s Exercises

Working up the motivation to hit the gym can be difficult for many. Even though you might be trying to get fit for walking down the aisle, this might not be enough to get you to drag yourself to the gym. Conveniently, ge ...

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Embracing Hospice Care

When a loved one is reaching the end of his or her life, things can get hard. People in this stage of life often need a great deal of medical care, but in the end, there's not a lot that medical care can do for them. Som ...

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