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[CELEB] Walk This Way Down the Altar With Steven Tyler

Born Steven Victor Tallarico, Steven Tyler is best known as the lead vocalist and face of the American rock band Aerosmith since its founding in the 1970s.

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[CELEB] Solemnization From a Not-So-Solemn Fellow, Conan O’Brien

Conan O’Brien is a comedian, television host, actor, writer, producer, and podcaster. He has hosted several late-night talk shows for almost three decades.

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[CELEB] This Comedian Presided Over a Star-Studded Destination Wedding

Getting his start with stoner comedies like 2007's “Superbad,” Hill has continued to expand his horizons into other creative territories. His comedic talent shines in his roles as both an actor and a screenwriter.

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[CELEB] ULC Celebrity Minister Profile: George Takei

The celebrities who have become ministers of the Universal Life Church come from all walks of life. In many cases, these famous individuals have decided to become ordained.

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[CELEB] Celebrity Minister Profile: Adele

In the world of celebrities, there are plenty of individuals who establish successful careers for themselves without having to use their full names. This is true for superstar singer Adele.

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What You Need To Do To Receive Your Wedding Officiant Online Certification

If you’re a first-time wedding officiant, you want to get the ball rolling on your registration as soon as you can. Look at the application portal at the Universal Life Church to get some perspective on what is expeted.

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[CELEB] Celebrity Minister Profile: Johnny Carson

Countless noteworthy ministers have joined our ranks over the decades. One individual who became an ordained minister during his lifetime was Johnny Carson, who was considered the king of late-night television.

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First Time Wedding Officiant? Here's What You Need To Know

Asked to officiate a wedding? First time officiants may have some major questions about how to officiate a wedding and how to get ordained. Here are all the questions (and answers) first time officiants might have.

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Get Ordained Beliefs and Philosophy

The ULC provides a home for anyone that doesn’t fit into a neat little religious box, and empowers its ministers to express their beliefs proudly – however idiosyncratic or unconventional they might be.

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What Is a Nondenominational Ordination?

Some might be confused by nondenominational ministry. But for many, online ordination can be the first step towards achieving dreams of performing weddings, funerals, or even starting your own ministry.

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