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Churches receive tax-exempt status so they can serve their community with fewer financial restrictions. But with recent reports of rampant abuse in the Catholic Church, is it time to pull their tax-exempt status?

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A wedding usually requires a couple, an officiant, a marriage license, and two witnesses. This celebration can also involve a distinctively crafted ceremony, a reception to offer guests hospitality and gratitude, persona ...

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There are a lot of details to consider when putting together your wedding. While a lot of attention is going to be paid to the reception, you also need to think through your ceremony. Since this is the part of your big d ...

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Marriage is a funny thing. Though romantic films and fairytales put a lot of odd expectations on love, nothing can really prepare you for what married life is going to be like. In many ways, life will putter on as usual ...

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Planning a wedding can be a lot of work and a lot of fun. Still, there are aspects of the process that can seem less thrilling. Obtaining your marriage license, for example, is something that many couples don’t thi ...

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