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Our deluxe Wallet Credential presents a professional image. The Card-Sized Credential is printed both sides with gold foil lettering.

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Card-Sized Credential Details

The customized black and gold-foil Wallet card license is a portable version of your official ministry credentials. The same dimensions of a credit card, it can easily travel with you when performing ministerial rites and duties. This dual sided card is custom printed to your specifications. When you order, you are confirming that you have been ordained with the Universal Life Church as a minister in our database.

You may also want to consider adding a protective card sleeve if you intend to keep it with you at all times, to protect the surface from scratches and fading.

NOTICE:Please note that the information you provide will be printed on the card. Please be very careful to check for mistakes because we cannot issue refunds due to incorrectly entered information during the ordering process.Name must be your full, legal name only. Please do not add titles.

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