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Nevada Single Wedding Kit

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We have created a wedding officiant package to help you perform your first wedding, or brush up on your officiant skills.

Step #1 — Choose your addons

  • Card-Sized Credential

    Card-Sized Credential
  • Protective Certificate Holder

    Protective Certificate Holder
  • Premium Diploma Holder

    Premium Diploma Holder
  • Printed Marriage Certificate

    Printed Marriage Certificate

Step #2 — Set your options, then add to cart

Global — Options

You must be ordained and logged-in before adding this to cart.

To be determined...

If you are getting ordained specifically to perform a wedding, please select the location of the area in which the marriage license will be filed. If you don't plan on performing a wedding in the near future, just select the location where you live.

Have the details for your first wedding printed by our team on one of your included wedding certificates - $3.00

Letter of Good Standing — Options

To be determined...

Nevada Wedding Documents — Options

If you are ordering the single ceremony package, please select the county in which the wedding is taking place.
For permanent packages, select the county where you personally live.

Nevada counties require this. P.O. Boxes not allowed.

Your City, State Name, Zipcode ( commas required )

Printed Marriage Certificate — Options

Enter the date that the couple intends to get married

The bride or partner one's name

The groom or partner two's name

The wedding location as it will appear on the wedding certificate

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Nevada Single Wedding Kit Details

If the couple to be married has dreams of a glitzy ceremony in fabulous Las Vegas, The Biggest Little City in the World (Reno), or anywhere else in the Silver State, you must register with the county clerk prior to the wedding.

This kit is for ministers who will perform 5 or fewer weddings within a calendar year. Only residents of NV may perform more than 5 weddings a year within the state. Resident ministers who will perform 5 or more can register using the Nevada Permanent Wedding Kit.

This package contains:

  • Official Signed and Sealed Ordination Credential
  • Notarized Letter of Good Standing (Letter of Consent in Las Vegas)
  • Notarized Affidavit of Authority to Solemnize Marriage signed by our church administrator
  • By The Power Vested In You
  • Gold Foil Marriage Certificate
  • 2 Marriage Certificate
  • White and Gold Clergy Badge
  • Human Timeline of Mythology and Religion

Note: You do not need to be a resident of Nevada to submit this application. This application will allow you to perform a single wedding.


  • Please confirm the spelling of your name as it will appear on your legal documents.
  • Please enter your legal name only, all titles will be removed.
  • Must be submitted 30 days prior to the wedding date.
  • Letter of Good Standing expires after 90 days.

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