New York City Wedding Kit

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The New York City Wedding Kit includes all the essential documents a ULC minister needs to officiate a wedding across New York's five boroughs.

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New York City Wedding Kit Details

If you're planning to officiate a wedding in any of New York City's five boroughs (Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, or Staten Island) you must order the New York City Wedding Kit. That's because NYC has a mandatory officiant registration process in which ministers are required to present certain documents issued by the church to get authorization. This kit contains all the materials ULC ministers will need to perform legal weddings in NYC.

Included in the New York City Wedding Kit:

  • Instructions for completing and submitting the application paperwork.
  • (1) Official Signed and Sealed Ordination Credential
  • (1) Notarized Letter of Good Standing / Letter of Consent
  • A Church Description Statement
  • A Church Certificate of Incorporation
  • Application Form for the City of New York
  • (1) Premium ULC Marriage Certificate
  • (2) Marriage Certificates
  • A copy of our ceremony handbook, By The Power Vested In You
  • (1) Clergy Clip on Badge (white)
  • (1) Human Timeline of Mythology and Religion

Package Notice:

  • Ensure the name on your ordination documents matches exactly with your government-issued ID.
  • Confirm that all information is accurate before you place your order.
  • This package is mandatory for weddings occurring within the five boroughs of New York City.
  • Note: the ULC does not keep a public directory of its clergy.


Here's what to expect from the process: included in this package is a set of legal documents, pre-filled with information from our side. Next, you will need to complete your portion of the application. Once everything is filled out, submit the original documents either by mailing them to the city clerk or by delivering them in person to the city marriage office for registration.

Be aware that there may be an additional fee required by the clerk's office, which will also keep the original documents. Upon receiving approval, you will be authorized to perform the wedding ceremony!

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