About Get Ordained

Get Ordained is operated by the Universal Life Church Ministries, the world’s largest non-denominational online religious organization, with over 20 million ministers (and counting) located over the globe. The ULC proudly provides free online ordination to anyone who feels so-called.

Central to this pioneering open ordination model is the ULC policy of welcoming all individuals, regardless of their spiritual beliefs or backgrounds, who desire to join its ranks. Once ordained, ULC ministers pursue many types of clergy duties – from performing baptisms to presiding over funeral services, and even starting churches of their own.

One of the most common ways our members put their ordinations to use is by officiating legal wedding ceremonies. For example, studies show that more and more couples are asking a friend or family member to officiate their ceremony. As this trend continues to grow, ministers ordained by the ULC are responsible for officiating hundreds of thousands of weddings across the US and its various territories each year.

Our Mission

The Universal Life Church was founded on a single unifying belief: that we are all children of the same universe. Stemming from this motto are two basic tenets the ULC asks every minister to abide by:

  1. Do only that which is right.
  2. Every person is free to practice their religion however they choose, so long as they don’t violate the rights or freedoms of others or the law.

The ULC has made it its mission to advance this message by empowering people all over the globe – regardless of what belief system they choose to follow – to work together to build better, more unified, and more accepting communities. We believe our worldwide fellowship striving for a common goal to be its own form of worship – one that is just as valid as a typical weekly service held in a brick and mortar church.

In the spirit of important figures like Christ, King, Kennedy, and Gandhi, our millions of ministers work to support marginalized and oppressed groups around the world. However, unlike other large international churches, we are not hierarchical. We do not require our ministers or congregants to show deference to any central leadership, and believe in the equality of all people.

History of Get Ordained

The Universal Life Church Ministries is spiritually descended from the original Universal Life Church, which was founded by Kirby Hensley in the 1950s. However, we have distanced ourselves from the questionable practices of that older ULC group and have instead focused our efforts on promoting justice and equality around the world. The ULCM does not maintain any connections to the Modesto organization.

Our church was founded out of a desire to give people more freedom and more autonomy in their spiritual-faith lives – a rejection of the demanding rules and strict belief systems imposed by traditional faith organizations. The goal was to build a wide tent under which all types of spiritual beliefs were welcome and could coexist peacefully.

As an outgrowth of this belief, the ULC has been involved in broader fights for equality and justice over the years. The Church has won important victories for religious freedom by demanding its members be treated with the respect they deserve. ULC ministers were also on the front lines of the battle to legalize same-sex marriage; many of the first same-sex weddings in the United States were officiated by members of the ULC.

Here at Get Ordained, legal ordination is just a few clicks away. Traditionally, becoming a minister is an arduous process. It requires years of study in a seminary school, and tends to be a costly endeavor. Unfortunately, these requirements deter many people who want to become a minister but don't have the extra time or money lying around.

That's where we come along! Perhaps a friend or family member is planning to get married, but they don't want a stranger officiating the ceremony. By removing the conventional obstacles to ordination, we make it easy to become a minister. Officiating a wedding (or any other type of ceremony, for that matter) has never been simpler. We're proud to provide an ordination process that is fast, free, and straightforward.



We to open our doors to people all across the religious and spiritual spectrum, whether Christian or Jewish, Hindu or Muslim, Pagan or Atheist. Our view has always been – and continues to be – that we are all equal.

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Charitable Works

Charitable Works

The ULC supports a variety of different charities and advocacy organizations that further the good work of making the world a more just, a more free, and a more equal place, as per our overarching mantra that “we are all children of the same universe”. Click the button below to see the full list of charitable organizations we work with.

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ULC in the Media

ULC in the Media

Those who become ministers at Get Ordained are loud and proud about their newfound status. They’re in good company with a number of global celebrities and thought leaders who use their ordinations every day. You can read all about Get Ordained and its ministers in some of the world’s biggest publications by clicking the link below.

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Anyone Can Become a Minister

Get Ordained is open to everyone – regardless of religious preference, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, or any other identifying factor. Get Ordained ordinations are are processed by Universal Life Church Ministries, a non-denominational, non-discriminatory faith organization with millions of members all over the globe. We believe you should be the captain of your spiritual ship.

What Comes After Ordination?

While using Get Ordained is hassle-free, most people do appreciate some guidance when it comes to specific aspects of being an ordained minister. That's why we've created ceremony-specific training materials and tools to help ministers get started. Whether you're officiating a wedding, performing a baptism, or planning to start your own church, we encourage you to visit the Get Ordained Training Center for assistance and to make sure things go smoothly.

The ULC wedding ceremony script hub is a particularly helpful resource if you're planning to officiate a wedding.

Finally, we offer a broad catalog of items in our Ministry Supplies section. You'll find everything from official clergy apparel to wedding packages that contain everything you'll need for the big day.

If you have any questions about our philosophy or our approach to ordination, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The Visionary Newsletter

The Universal Life Church Ministries publishes a biweekly newsletter with important discussions around marriage, religion, and spiritual freedom that you are eligible to receive as a minister ordained on Get Ordained.

If you aren’t already subscribed, you can view past newsletters and subscribe here.

Looking to the Future

While we remain incredibly proud of our many achievements, including fighting for marriage equality and religious freedom, we are also conscious of the planet we live on and the many threats facing it. Between climate change, population growth, mass migration and starvation, and global pandemics, there is plenty to be wary of.

We believe that these critical challenges facing humanity can only be addressed through global cooperation on key initiatives to secure our future. For example, some have posed the idea of a worldwide United Nations Planetary Defense System that could help protect Earth from asteroid and comet strikes.

Since its founding, George Freeman has been with the ULC Monastery and now serves as Presiding Chaplain. As humans are explorers by nature, Chaplain Freeman believes humanity should turn its eyes to the stars in search of whatever God (or Gods) might exist in the universe.