All May Become Ordained

We are all children of the same universe.

Those looking for an online church that opens its doors to people of all faiths and creeds should look no further; the Universal Life Church | ULC is the world's only non-denominational online ministry that allows anyone and everyone to utilize the Get Ordained service online — for free and for life — through its website. There are literally millions of ULC ministers, priests, rabbis, imams, yogis, and other clergy, all of whom got ordained online through us. The ULC firmly believes that religion is, and always should be, what every individual person makes of it. We respect the rights of our ministers and refuse to tell them what to believe or how to practice their spirituality. It is for this very reason that all belief systems are held in equal regard and why we ordain all who want to become members of our organization.

Important ULC Sites and Articles

Minister Store — Many of US states require our ministers to present some form of documentation, from letters of good standing to ordination credential certificates, when they file for marriage licenses. All of these forms of documentation, as well as products like ministerial clothing, wedding planning guides, and religious texts, can be found at this online store.

State Wedding Law Guide — Weddings laws frequently cause our ministers major headaches because they change so much from place to place. We strongly advise you to read up on the applicable state's wedding laws before you perform any ceremony.

Ministers Network Social Network — Interested in learning how to perform a wedding, chaplaincy work, a funeral, or a baptism? Over 20,000 Universal Life Church ministers have created accounts on The ULC's custom-built social network, so you're sure to find an experienced minister there who will be delighted to assist you.

Church Forum — Are you a fan of debating topics concerning religion, social issues, and politics? If you are, the ULC Forum is the place for you. Many members of the ULC look to explore their spirituality by participating in discourse with their fellow ministers on these subjects.

Three Step Guide To Performing A Wedding — One of primary responsibilities of Universal Life Church ministers is to act as wedding officiants for friends, family members, and complete strangers. This short yet comprehensive guide will teach you much of what you need to know about performing the perfect wedding.

“We Are All Children Of The Same Universe”