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We are all children of the same universe.

Here at Get Ordained, legal ordination is just a few clicks away. Traditionally, becoming ordained is an arduous process. It requires years of study in a seminary school, and tends to be a costly endeavor. Unfortunately, these requirements deter many people who want to become a minister but don't have the extra time or money lying around.

That's where we come along! Perhaps a friend or family member is planning to get married, but they don't want a stranger officiating the ceremony. By removing the conventional obstacles to ordination, we make it easy to become a minister. Officiating a wedding (or any other type of ceremony, for that matter) has never been simpler. We're proud to provide an ordination process that is fast, free, and straightforward.

Anyone Can Become a Minister

Get Ordained is open to everyone – regardless of religious preference, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, or any other identifying factor. Get Ordained ordinations are processed by Universal Life Church Ministries, a non-denominational, non-discriminatory faith organization with millions of members all over the globe.

Our guiding principle is simple: individuals are free to live their spiritual truth however they see fit, so as long as their beliefs and practices do not infringe upon the freedoms or rights of others.

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What Comes After Ordination?

While using Get Ordained is hassle-free, most people do appreciate some guidance when it comes to specific aspects of being an ordained minister. That's why we've created ceremony-specific training materials and tools to help ministers get started. Whether you're officiating a wedding, performing a baptism, or planning to start your own church, we encourage you to visit the Get Ordained Training Center for assistance and to make sure things go smoothly.

Finally, we offer a broad catalog of items in our Ministry Supplies section. You'll find everything from official clergy apparel to wedding packages that contain everything you'll need for the big day.