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How to Perform a Funeral with Compassion

How to perform a funeral

Performing a funeral requires sensitivity and compassion only a minister can provide. Families have just lost loved ones, either from suffering through a long illness or tragically and unexpectedly. They are searching for comfort that they are incapable of grasping regardless of how long a person lived or whether they attempted to prepare for the departure of their loved one.

Universal Life Church funeral ministers are often asked to perform a funeral either graveside or in a church. If you become a minister through Get Ordained and plan on officiating at a funeral, it is crucial to carry yourself professionally and focus on the beliefs of the departed and their family in the ceremony. Because not all funerals are religious, you should be prepared to offer a civil service without references to God or any particular religion if that is the request of the family.

Steps for Planning the Ceremony

It is essential as a minister performing the funeral to go beyond your regular practice to incorporate the family of the departed. Many people want a more personal service, so remember that your relationship with the deceased is not as vital as the wishes of the family members. Try to learn pieces you may not have known from friends and family to gain a deeper perspective and help plan the eulogy. The results will be a beneficial ceremony for everyone involved. The steps to perform a funeral include:

  • Meet with friends and family
  • Draft the eulogy based on their wishes
  • Suggest music if it will be included in the service
  • Select and assign relevant readings to friends and family
  • Determine a graveside or chapel location for the ceremony

Few, if any, laws exist regarding how to conduct a funeral. A service need not be religious, although many elect to have a member of the clergy lead the ceremony. If you're struggling to come up with the right words to say, you can look into our funeral script generator to build on for your own needs.

The Role of a Funeral Minister

When family and friends mourn the deceased or celebrate life with a funeral, many request the assistance and support of a minister to lead the ceremony. As a funeral minister, your job includes working with friends and family to design, write, and present a eulogy for the departed. You do not need a specific license to perform a funeral, but you must be legally ordained to become a minister. Every faith has an individual process to ordain ministers. The process for some is quite simple and is only a formality. However, for others it is more time-consuming and complex. While it is common for states to confer distinct authority on an ordained minister, including the ability to marry two people, most do not extend a legal license to perform a funeral service.


Getting Ordained Online

As an ordained minister from Universal Life Church, you have the legal authority to preside over burials and funerals, officiate at weddings, and perform baptisms. Universal Life Church funeral ministers frequently perform funerals for members of their congregation, strangers, family, or friends. If you are looking to become ordained to perform funerals, the Universal Life Church offers a free, fast, convenient, and judicial method to become an ordained funeral minister legally online.