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8 Tips for a Celebration of Life Service

A celebration of life ceremony is a beautiful way to honor late loved ones and the lives they lived. We offer some insights and tips on how to prepare such a service and encourage other celebrants to honor their life.

Category: Funeral

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Keeping Love Alive After The Wedding

It's easy to settle into the routines and responsibilties of life, and inadvertantly grow apart from your spouse. These crucial tips on how to keep the relationship connection strong will help long after the wedding day.

Category: Marriage

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Maid of Honor Speech Dos and Don'ts

As maid of honor, your speech will be one of the highlights of the wedding reception. The pressure can be intense, but we share some pointers and insights in hopes that it will make this task seem a little less daunting.

Category: Wedding Planning

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Considering Different Burial Options

It's likely that when we think of burial options the traditional burial comes to mind; here we explore other options from cremation to space burial. With such options available, it may be time to consider an alternative.

Category: Funeral

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Tips for Planning a Wedding With Limited Funds

Your wedding day will be among the most meaningful days of your life, but can also quickly become one of the most expensive events. We share priceless tips on how to save when it comes to the big day.

Category: Wedding Planning

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Tips on Putting Together a Minimalist Wedding

Minimalist weddings have been making a comeback in recent years, and for great reason. A simple color pallette, and decor can create opportunities to incorporate unique touches that truly reflect a couple's style.

Category: Marriage

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Tips on Baptism Etiquette

Baptism is an important rite of passage and as such can feel daunting if you're unsure of what to expect or how to prepare. We lend important insights around baptism etiquette to alleviate any stress surrounding the day.

Category: Baptism

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Wedding Gift Ideas All Couples Will Adore

Choosing what to gift a couple on their wedding day can be a daunting task. We share some considerations and suggestions, along with ideas for unique and practical gifts that any newly married couple will enjoy!

Category: Wedding Planning

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Skating Down the Aisle: The Marriage Ministry of Rob Dyrdek

Some people jump into marriage. Other people kickflip into it. TV personality and professional skateboarder got ordained through the Universal Life Church, and has used his ordination to perform weddings!

Category: Ceremonies

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Using Religious and Cultural Traditions To Influence Naming Ceremonies for Trans and Non-Binary People

A name holds implicit meaning and power, and for those in the LTBTQIA+ communities who are trans, non-binary, or genderfluid, a naming ceremony can be a powerful rite of passage, affirming their new identity.

Category: Society

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