Traditional Funeral Alternatives You May Want To Explore

One thing is certain: death is a shared experience. While we tend avoid such thoughts it's crucial to consider how you'd like to be honored in death. Exploring these burial alternatives is a great place to start.

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Connect With Your Partner Before Your Wedding With These Ideas

Remaining connected with your partner in the time leading up to the ceremony is incredibly important. We share these suggestions for cultivating connection, beyond the minutae of wedding planning.

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10 Tips for Including Your Pet at Your Wedding

Incorporating furry family members into your ceremony is a great way to celebrate their place in your family. Keep these considerations in mind if you're planning to include your furry family member on your wedding day.

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An Examination of the Sacrament of Baptism

Baptism is an important rite of passage. It is considered the first step that launches ones Christian walk. We examine this sacrament, looking at the meaning, the origin, and the different observances of the ritual.

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Upcoming Wedding Trends To Consider for Your Big Day

Wedding trends tend to change pretty quickly. We found the latest trends on the rise; from more candid photography, to the re-emergence of ice-sculptures, perhaps one of these newer trends will appeal to you.

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A Look at Wedding Superstitions

Many of the wedding traditions we're familiar with are rooted in cultural superstition. A lot of couples are reconsidering the traditions they incorporate into their ceremony, and others are forgoing marriage altogether.

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An Overview of Different Wedding Photography Styles

Choosing the right photographer for your wedding is no easy task. We created this guide detailing different wedding photography styles to help you find the photographer that can capture the moments most important to you.

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Choosing Godparents: Everything You Need To Know Before and After the Baptism

Godparents fill a meaningful role as support for the entire family, and also witnesses to key milestones in your child's life. Here, we share how to include them in important milestones and stay in touch, near or far.

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Honoring a Loved When You Aren’t Invited to a Private Memorial

Attending a funeral or memorial service may not always be possible. With careful consideration for the family in mind, we share these alternatives for finding ways to honor a loved one and the connection you had.

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Five Ways To Help Guests Who Attend Your Destination Wedding

A destination wedding can be equal parts exciting and troublesome. We share these insights to consider when planning a destination wedding, with focus on communicating your plans and choosing your guests wisely.

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