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What Couples Need To Know About Themed Weddings

A themed wedding is a wonderful way to make your wedding ceremony feel personal to you and your partner. However, due to their niche nature, themed weddings might require additional planning to get the details right.

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Should We Talk About the Weather? Why You Need a Wedding Day Plan B

We all know weather can be unpredictable, but few things can be as dismaying as poor weather on your wedding. Thankfully, it doesn't have to be the end of the world. Here's how to plan around bad wedding weather.

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Get Ordained Beliefs and Philosophy

The ULC provides a home for anyone that doesn’t fit into a neat little religious box, and empowers its ministers to express their beliefs proudly – however idiosyncratic or unconventional they might be.

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Make Your Furry Family Members a Part of Your Big Day

Pets are part of the family, and who wouldn't want their dog or cat with them on their wedding day? While there are ways to incorporate your pets into your big day, be aware that some precautions are needed.

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What Is a Nondenominational Ordination?

Some might be confused by nondenominational ministry. But for many, online ordination can be the first step towards achieving dreams of performing weddings, funerals, or even starting your own ministry.

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Let Them Eat Cake? Serving Dessert Safely at Your Wedding

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we serve wedding cake and other wedding desserts at weddings. As weddings begin back up, it's important that safety be paramount. Here's how to have your cake and safely it too.

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What You Should Know About Arranged Marriages

To many Americans, the idea of an arranged marriage is old fashioned. And while most of us likely hope for autonomy in our love lives, it's entirely possible to have a loving, caring relationship in an arranged marriage.

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It’s My Funeral and I Don’t Know What To Wear!

We don't often think about what we'll wear to our funeral, but planning ahead and having it in writing can help your family out in a tough time. And from a nice suit to nothing at all, there are plenty of options.

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A Rundown of the Standard Secular Wedding Script

Secular weddings are increasingly popular, but what does a secular wedding actually look like? Here are some quick tips on writing the perfect secular wedding script so that the ceremony matches your personality.

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Should You Ask Your Wedding Guests About COVID-19 Vaccination Status?

Planning a 2022 wedding? Confirming the vaccination status of everyone attending is paramount to ensure the safety of all. Here's how to navigate that potentially prickly subject with grace and understanding.

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