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Honoring a Loved When You Aren’t Invited to a Private Memorial

Attending a funeral or memorial service may not always be possible. With careful consideration for the family in mind, we share these alternatives for finding ways to honor a loved one and the connection you had.

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Five Ways To Help Guests Who Attend Your Destination Wedding

A destination wedding can be equal parts exciting and troublesome. We share these insights to consider when planning a destination wedding, with focus on communicating your plans and choosing your guests wisely.

Category: Wedding Planning

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Woman Vows To Be Submissive in Wedding

Relationship dynamics are constantly shifting. Some still observe the belief that one partner ought to submit to the other. Regardless of the dynamics you favor it's crucial to ensure both parties consent to the dynamic.

Category: Marriage

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Keep the Romance Alive While Planning Your Big Day

Planning a wedding will certainly demand more attention and resources but it is equally important to continue to cultivate the connection between partners. We hope these tips prove helpful in strengthening your bond.

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Why Funerals Are an Important Part of the Grieving Process

Navigating loss can be difficult terrain but there is often solace in knowing that we are not alone in the experience. We explore the importance of the grieving process, and how community helps bring healing after loss.

Category: Funeral

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How To Create a Wedding Budget

Crafting a budget that will support your vision and priorities for your wedding day can be overwhelming. We share this guide to steer you through the process of building & monitoring your own budget for the occasion.

Category: Wedding Planning

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Nurturing Your Child's Spiritual Side Through Baptism

The practice of water baptism is an important initiation into a faith community. Symbolizing the cleansing of impurities, such a ceremony is a great way to sow the seeds of spirituality in your child's life.

Category: Baptism

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Finding Solace and Support: Grief Resources for After The Funeral

Grieving the loss of a loved one is not a linear process, nor does it end when the funeral is over. With these resources we hope that should you find yourself navigating such a process these tools will prove helpful.

Category: Loss

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Common Misconceptions About Weddings To Help You Plan Your Big Day

There are many misconceptions surrounding weddings that can hamper the excitment and pile on the pressure. Consider these insights as you approach your big day, to help shirk these misconceptions and enjoy the event.

Category: Wedding Planning

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How To Talk to People at a Funeral

With grief often relegated to the shadows, it can be difficult to know how to behave at a funeral or celebration of life service. When the inevitable day arrives, we hope these tips will help you navigate the nuance.

Category: Funeral

funeral grief death