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[CELEB] Skating Down the Aisle: The Marriage Ministry of Rob Dyrdek

When a really close friend or loved one, like a sibling, gets married, you might expect to be asked to participate in some way. Many people end up being in the wedding party as a bridesmaid or groomsman.

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[CELEB] ULC Celebrity Minister Profile: George Takei

The celebrities who have become ministers of the Universal Life Church come from all walks of life. In many cases, these famous individuals have decided to become ordained.

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[CELEB] Celebrity Minister Profile: Johnny Carson

Countless noteworthy ministers have joined our ranks over the decades. One individual who became an ordained minister during his lifetime was Johnny Carson, who was considered the king of late-night television.

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How To Get a Minister License Online

Being asked to officiate a wedding is a great honor. Thankfully, Universal Life Church makes officiating a wedding a breeze, from getting ordained online for free to getting any necessary ordination paperwork.

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How To Find a Reputable Online Ordination Process

Finding a reputable online ordination website doesn't have to be difficult. In fact, you're on one right now! Getting ordained to officiate a wedding is a big honor, but it doesn't have to give you a big headache.

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How Does Ordination Vary By State?

Being asked to officiate a wedding is an honor, but many wedding officiants might find some of the rules and regulations across state lines confusing. Not to fear, here's how to find out your state's rules with ease.

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Get Ordained Beliefs and Philosophy

The ULC provides a home for anyone that doesn’t fit into a neat little religious box, and empowers its ministers to express their beliefs proudly – however idiosyncratic or unconventional they might be.

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What Is a Nondenominational Ordination?

Some might be confused by nondenominational ministry. But for many, online ordination can be the first step towards achieving dreams of performing weddings, funerals, or even starting your own ministry.

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Tennessee Faces Backlash Over Law Barring Weddings by Online Ministers

Earlier this year, Tennessee sought to prevent ministers ordained online from performing wedding ceremonies. Now the Universal Life Church is suing the state to ensure their ministers' rights are upheld.

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Universal Life Church Files Lawsuit to Protect Online Ordination

The ULCM has thousands of active ministers and members across the State of Tennessee, individuals whose Constitutional and spiritual rights have been denied them by Tennessee lawmakers without good reason. 

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