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Get Ordained Beliefs and Philosophy

The ULC provides a home for anyone that doesn’t fit into a neat little religious box, and empowers its ministers to express their beliefs proudly – however idiosyncratic or unconventional they might be.

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How To Find Your Wedding Officiant

Looking for a wedding officiant? You've got options, but you want to get it right. From conducting your search to narrowing your choices down to the final decision, here are the ways to find your perfect officiant.

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Universal Life Church Files Lawsuit to Protect Online Ordination

The ULCM has thousands of active ministers and members across the State of Tennessee, individuals whose Constitutional and spiritual rights have been denied them by Tennessee lawmakers without good reason. 

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Making the Most of a Tense Situation

Families are interesting. While you might have a strong connection with your family, you may also realize that the members of your clan are not as open or friendly as you would like. If you are planning on getting marrie ...

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Transgender Individuals Celebrate New Names as Rites of Passage

Picking a new name can be a pivotal moment in a transgender person’s life. Often, much care and deliberation leads up to the final choice, including taking some time to mentally “live with” the new name ...

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Jordan River Cleared for Christian Tourism

Over the past several years, Jordan has worked to remove thousands of personnel and anti-tank mines from under the ground along the southern banks and surrounding area of the Jordan River. The explosives, buried mostly b ...

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Religion in China: Life Difficult for Christians

In China, religious freedom is elusive, at best. Twenty-five years after the uprising in Tiananmen Square in Beijing, Chinese authorities are targeting people who want to practice other beliefs outside of traditional Chi ...

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Water into Wine Home Appliance?

Historically, there have been a number of instances when official church bodies have staunchly opposed scientific discoveries and technological advancements. Some of these ended tragically, with the lives or careers of b ...

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Why the Universal Life Church "Scam" is a Myth

The very idea of an online church rankles some people. These ill-informed individuals rush to judgment, yet rarely take the time to research the Universal Life Church before calling it a scam. Common arguments made by ou ...

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History of the Universal Life Church

The Universal Life Church (ULC) is a modern, non-denominational church started by Kirby J. Hensley. This new approach to religion, first known as the "Life Church", began in 1959 in Modesto, California and has since come ...

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