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Transgender Individuals Celebrate New Names as Rites of Passage

Picking a new name can be a pivotal moment in a transgender person’s life. Often, much care and deliberation leads up to the final choice, including taking some time to mentally “live with” the new name ...

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Jordan River Cleared for Christian Tourism

Over the past several years, Jordan has worked to remove thousands of personnel and anti-tank mines from under the ground along the southern banks and surrounding area of the Jordan River. The explosives, buried mostly b ...

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Religion in China: Life Difficult for Christians

In China, religious freedom is elusive, at best. Twenty-five years after the uprising in Tiananmen Square in Beijing, Chinese authorities are targeting people who want to practice other beliefs outside of traditional Chi ...

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Water into Wine Home Appliance?

Historically, there have been a number of instances when official church bodies have staunchly opposed scientific discoveries and technological advancements. Some of these ended tragically, with the lives or careers of b ...

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Why the Universal Life Church "Scam" is a Myth

The very idea of an online church rankles some people. These ill-informed individuals rush to judgment, yet rarely take the time to research the Universal Life Church before calling it a scam. Common arguments made by ou ...

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History of the Universal Life Church

The Universal Life Church (ULC) is a modern, non-denominational church started by Kirby J. Hensley. This new approach to religion, first known as the "Life Church", began in 1959 in Modesto, California and has since come ...

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