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It’s My Funeral and I Don’t Know What To Wear!

We don't often think about what we'll wear to our funeral, but planning ahead and having it in writing can help your family out in a tough time. And from a nice suit to nothing at all, there are plenty of options.

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Finding the Right Music for a Funeral

Music sets the mood of the room, which is why selecting the right funeral music to honor the life of a loved one is so important. Here's how to pick the perfect tune to set the tone of the funeral ceremony.

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Five Things Funeral Directors Wish You Knew

Funeral planning often comes up unexpectedly, and we're often left feeling helpless throughout. Funeral home operators can help lighten the burden, both with their career expertise and their compassion.

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Considerations for a Funeral Slideshow or Remembrance Video

A slideshow of photos or short videos is a great way to remember a departed loved one at their funeral. Here are some tips on how to celebrate the departed's life with a beautiful and moving funeral slideshow.

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What You Should Know About Sending Flowers for a Funeral

Sending flowers to show your sympathies to those suffering a loss is always a kind gesture. However, from the style to the color of the arrangement, there are some simple considerations that must be made.

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Finding the Right Words and Avoiding the Wrong Ones at a Funeral

Speaking at a funeral, or even speaking privately to those that are grieving, can be a high-stress ordeal. It can be tough to know what to say, but choosing the right words to comfort others is paramount.

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A Few Common Misconceptions About Funerals

When it comes to burying a loved one, there are definitely traditions in every culture. But that doesn't mean you have to follow them. Keep in mind that while death is complicated, the funeral doesn't have to be.

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Unusual Funeral Customs From Around the World

Nearly every culture on the planet holds funerals for the deceased, but some mourning customs might seem downright strange to those outside that civilization. Here are some unique traditions from across the globe.

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Can’t Get Traditional Life Insurance? Explore These Alternatives

If you're having trouble acquiring life insurance, there are a variety of creative alternatives - including nontraditional plans and self-insurance - to ensure peace of mind for you and your family members.

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A Checklist of Steps To Follow After a Loved One Passes

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is always tough. Nevertheless, there's still business to attend to, from funeral arrangements to notifying others. At a loss of what to do after a loss? Follow this checklist.

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