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A Selection of Funeral Traditions From Around the World

Across the Philippines, funeral traditions vary greatly from one region to the next. In Apayao, for example, the Isnag people have a custom that many Westerners would find unusual.

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On the Death of the Queen

The coffin was taken to the Queen’s country estate in Balmoral, where she was staying when she passed away. It was displayed in the ballroom, so the household staff could say their goodbyes to the much-loved monarch.

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What Can a 78,000-Year-Old Grave Tell Us About Human Grief?

In May 2021, National Geographic reported an amazing find: a 78,000-year-old grave. While its mere age is astonishing enough, there’s another reason this gravesite is important.

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What Happens After We Die? Just Ask an Ancient Egyptian

Guided by Anubis, these souls arrived in the Hall of Truth to await Osiris’ judgment. While Osiris governed this process, he did consult with others. He turned to Anubis and Thoth

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Dysfunctional Family? This Estate Planning Advice Can Help

Estate planning can be difficult under the best of circumstances. But having a dysfunctional family makes things even more difficult. Nonetheless, you can protect your family's future with a few easy steps.

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Jewish Funeral Customs

Funeral customs change depending on the faith and culture of the departed. Jewish funerals in particular are simple, but rich with symbolic rituals. Here are all the steps for what goes into a Jewish funeral ceremony.

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Special Considerations for a Double Funeral

A double funeral honors the lives of two people who passed around the same time, and they are often siblings or partners. While there are special considerations, you can honor the lives of both at the same time.

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Are Funeral Pyres Still a Thing?

Funeral pyres are a common fixture in medieval television shows, and have been used throughout history in many cultures. But are they legal for modern Americans? And if so, where can you get a fiery sendoff?

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Consider These Tips To Create an Appropriate Funeral Tribute

Finding the proper words to give for a funeral tribute is easier said than done. But by remembering the good times with the departed and speaking from the heart, you'll find the right words for your funeral speech.

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The Traditions of Hindu Funerals

The traditions of a Hindu funeral are an important component of their faith, because Hindus believe in reincarnation, and properly observing Hindu funeral traditions is an important part of memorializing the dead.

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