Thinking about death is never easy. Still, it is an inevitable part of life. Though you don’t have much control over this aspect of your future, you can still take charge when it comes to how your loved ones say goodbye after you pass. For many, being buried in a local cemetery is an appropriate solution. If a traditional funeral doesn’t seem right for you, however, there are a number of alternatives worth looking into. Review these options and see if any are fitting for the way you wish to leave the world behind. 

Return to Dust

In places like Canada and the United States, cremation is the most popular alternative to traditional burial services. There are a number of ways to go about this choice. Some people will ask loved ones to scatter their ashes at a location of meaning. Others will request their ashes be turned into jewelry so that friends and family can always keep a piece of the departed near to them. Whether you want your ashes to sit in a decorative urn or be planted alongside a sapling tree, cremation is a choice worth reviewing. 

With cremation, it is also possible to still hold a memorial service. Friends and family will need to gather together to mourn your passing, so requesting a service alongside the cremation is the best way to ensure the people you care about are given time to grieve. 

Throw a Party

Many people dislike funerals because of the somber atmosphere they tend to cultivate. Thankfully, this is far from the only way to go about remembering the deceased. Asking for your family to throw a “celebration of life” service instead of a standard funeral is a perfect way to encourage upbeat attitudes at the event. The main difference between the two options is that guests are encouraged to laugh and share happy memories during a celebration of life. These gatherings will have music, food, drinks, and whatever else will help to bring the memory of the departed to life. 

Go in a Natural Way

If you want to be buried and don’t love the idea of spending eternity in a coffin, then a natural burial could be right for you. With this option, the deceased is wrapped in a shroud or burial cloth. Instead of being buried in a traditional grave plot, the body is placed in what is called a “green” space. Basically, your body will decompose amidst nature and aid in nurturing the soil around you. This, in turn, will help other plants and animals in the area thrive. 

This option allows you the chance to make a positive impact on the environment with your passing. If you’re very interested in being a part of the circle of life, look into natural burial solutions. 

Blast Into Orbit

Since 1997, a number of companies have offered people the option of being “buried” in space. If you have always wanted to live amongst the stars, this could be a choice worth looking into. Essentially, a portion of your ashes or DNA will be collected by professionals and then blasted into space. Most of the companies film these journeys, allowing your loved ones the chance to witness your trip to your final resting place in the cosmos. You can have your ashes sent somewhere specific like the moon, or they can drift through the galaxy like a wandering voyager. 

Know How To Go

Though it may not be easy to think about your own death, planning ahead can save your loved ones a lot of trouble down the line. If you don’t envision your final resting place being beneath the dirt, be sure to explore the plethora of alternatives that exist.

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