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How Do You Show Condolences When You Can’t Attend a Funeral?

Care packages can be easy to put together, even when you don’t know the family very well. Start with a selection of nice teas or coffees and some chocolates and nuts or other gourmet foods.

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Excessive Drinking at Funeral Kills Several Attendees

Drinking is a common pastime and social event in Vietnam, so much so that the residents of that country have a word for it. Nhau means to feast and drink with friends for no reason.

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Homegoing Service: A Look at Black Christian Funeral Customs

Homegoing services tend to extend the celebration to the interment ceremony, which often includes elements from the funeral, particularly singing, prayer and words of encouragement.

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Interesting Myths Surrounding the Origin of Death

Death has long been a complicated concept for humankind to grasp. Though inevitable, every person must go on his or her own journey to come to terms with the concept.

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Dysfunctional Family? This Estate Planning Advice Can Help

Estate planning can be difficult under the best of circumstances. But having a dysfunctional family makes things even more difficult. Nonetheless, you can protect your family's future with a few easy steps.

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Consider These Tips To Create an Appropriate Funeral Tribute

Finding the proper words to give for a funeral tribute is easier said than done. But by remembering the good times with the departed and speaking from the heart, you'll find the right words for your funeral speech.

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Tips for Writing Your Own Obituary

Writing your own obituary is something many dread, but they don't have to. Consider it an opportunity to eulogize yourself and a chance to remember the moments of your life, and the people, that mattered most.

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Finding Your Focus After the Death of a Loved One

The death of a close friend or family member is always difficult, and we all handle grief differently. There are some common experiences, though. Here's how to cope with a difficult loss and get back on your feet.

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Living Trusts and Probate: What You Need To Know

Don't take your finances for granted, create a living trust and a will to ensure that all of your affairs, finances, and your estate are handled to your satisfaction and the manner you desire after you're gone.

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Using the Start of the Year To Remember Those You’ve Lost

Losing someone close to you is always a difficult experience. Here are some ways you can use the changing of the year to mourne in a healthy and reflective way, and process your grief into positive memories.

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