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Get Legally Ordained to Perform Weddings

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Get Legally Ordained to Perform Weddings

One of the ULC's fundamental beliefs is that everyone should be afforded equal freedom to exercise their religious beliefs – whatever those beliefs may be. This first amendment right, granted by the U.S. Constitution, includes the freedom to become ordained as a minister without jumping through numerous hoops and taking expensive courses.

The ULC provides ordinations entirely free of charge to anyone that seeks to join. Once ordained, you have the right to perform weddings, baptisms, and other ceremonies. Officiating a ceremony is a tremendous honor, and great responsibility. To assist you, we offer an array of tips, tools, and materials, including a more detailed guide on becoming ordained within your area.

By becoming a ULC minister, you'll also be joining a vast and spiritually-diverse community of people. Whether you're still defining your religious philosophy, or have a highly-developed understanding of your spirituality – the ULC community is an inclusive place which encourages the expression of beliefs and the sharing of ideas.

  • To become ordained, please fill out the form on the right side of this page. We will record your information and store it in our minister database.
  • We care about your privacy; your information will not be shared with any third parties. Unless you subscribe to our monthly newsletter, we will not e-mail you unless we need to communicate important information relevant to your ordination.
  • For legal reasons, we cannot accept applications from individuals under the age of 18. To submit this form, you must certify that you are 18 years of age or older.
  • Only valid legal names and addresses will be accepted. If you submit at ordination request using a false name, a nickname, the name of another person, or the name of an animal your application will be considered invalid and your ordination will not be recognized.
  • We reserve all rights to revoke any ordination or reject any application for ordination if it is discovered that it was made or obtained using incorrect or fraudulent information.
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Eric Young, Ordained minister on Feb, 10 2014
When my cousin explained how simple the process was for getting ordained, I admit I was a little skeptical. As it turned out, becoming a minister opened a ton of doors for me. I’m so glad I joined! -- Eric Young
Michael hunter, Ordained minister on Jun 7, 1996
When I mentioned my interest in starting a ministry, one of my friends recommended getting ordained online. Thanks to the ULC’s helpful materials and products, my ministry was off the ground in no time! -- Michael Hunter
Elizabeth Randolph, Ordained minister on Sep 12, 2001
When my little brother asked me to officiate his wedding, I was ecstatic. Getting ordained proved even easier than I thought! The ceremony was beautiful and the ULC made it all possible. -- Elizabeth Randolph
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