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The ULC offers a convenient process for getting ordained that is nondiscriminatory and open to everyone. Our organization allows you to become ordained online for free, bypassing the traditional education courses which can cost thousands of dollars. Anybody who desires to become a minister is welcome! Your ordination is good for life, and does not require renewal.

As a minister, you'll be able to officiate weddings, baptisms, funerals, and many other ceremonies. If you feel a calling to lead others, you can even start your own church. Getting ordained is a simple process. Just navigate to the ordination form to get started!

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Most states require that ministers show physical proof of their ordination before performing a wedding ceremony. All the necessary documents -- along with many other ministerial items -- are available for purchase in our online catalog.

Ministerial Ordination - What does that mean exactly?

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In becoming a minister, it is vital to understand the legal basis of your ordination. By completing the ordination process, you will become an official member of the clergy. It's important to make sure the website you choose to visit and obtain your ordination is a marriage ministry in America like the Universal Life Church. One of the many benefits to becoming a minister is the ability to legally perform marriage ceremonies.

Each U.S. state has specific (and distinct) marriage laws. Some states, such as Nevada and Ohio, require ministers to register with the state prior to solemnizing marriages within any of the state's counties. As a minister, you are responsible for determining the necessary legal steps in the state/locality where the marriage will take place. To aid you in this process, we've created a State Marriage Laws page which covers everything you'll need to know.

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In fact, often times marriage laws can differ from county to county. For funerals, baptisms, and other ceremonies, states do NOT require ministers to register in any official legal capacity. Simply your being ordained qualifies you to perform non-legal religious ceremonies and rituals . The only time that you may need to register with the state as a minister is when performing a wedding.

When state officials ask for proof of your ordination, they require physical documentation in order to verify your status. That means that a PDF or online version of your ordination credential will NOT be sufficient. Only a physical document with a raised seal will be accepted in state registrations. In some places, you may also be asked to present a Letter of Good Standing. Check with your local marriage officials to learn what is required. Please visit the church supplies page to find documents, state packages, ministerial attire, and anything else you might need to perform a ceremony. Note: please place your order well in advance to give yourself time to register and prepare for the ceremony.

To learn more about the process of becoming ordained in your state, please click the location below.