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Looking to become ordained in Nevada? This comprehensive guide will walk through every aspect of becoming a minister, explore the many benefits of ordination, and explain the steps required to do so. Best of all? The entire process, from start to finish, can be done online.

As you might know, becoming a minister didn't always work like this. In fact, it used to involve intensive formal schooling and many years of time. Plus, people were frequently excluded from participating simply because of their gender or sexual orientation.

But online ordination via Get Ordained™ has changed all of that. Ordination is supplied by the Universal Life Church Ministries, an organization with a philosophy based on welcoming people in instead of turning them away. Through its open, online ordination model, any individual who feels so-called is encourage to get ordained. What's more: ordination is free and never has to be renewed – it is valid for life.

Residents of Nevada are far from monolithic -- they represent a wide range of beliefs and unique backgrounds. With that in mind, it's no wonder Nevadans choose to become ordained with a similarly diverse church like the ULC.

Let's dive in and explain how online ordination works and how you can become ordained in Nevada!

1. Become a Minister in Nevada

Using Get Ordained™ to become a minister couldn't be easier: just fill out the short ordination form, press submit, and your application will be processed instantly. That's it! A copy of your digital ordination credential will then be generated confirming your new status. Congratulations, you're now a minister!

We'll also send you an email confirming your ordination and talking more about the options now available to you. If you're ready to get started, just click the button below!

Begin Your Ordination

Can ordination really be that simple? The short answer is, yes! The ease of this process we've designed stems from the foundational philosophy of the Universal Life Church: that we are all children of the same universe, and everyone deserves the right to practice their faith however they best see fit. For many of its members, ULC ordination provides the opportunity to chart their own spiritual course – free from the constraints of a rule-heavy, top-down faith organization (which describes most of the big ones).

Membership in the ULC represents a deviation from more traditional approaches, as it encourages people to pursue whatever faith practices that align best with their values, not those of a larger organization. Empowering folks to captain their spiritual ship in this way requires an ordination process that is both simple to complete and accessible to all.

2. Using Your Ordination in Nevada

Remember that becoming ordained is only the beginning! Once you've confirmed that your ordination has been processed successfully, all types of doors will be open to you. Ordained ministers can practice their craft throughout Nevada, whether they live in Las Vegas or Winnemucca.

As an ordained minister with Get Ordained™, here are just a few of the things you can do:

  • Perform weddings
  • Lead baptismal ceremonies
  • Preside over funeral and memorial services
  • Officiate many other types of ceremonies

We're even aware of many of ULC members in Nevada who have gone on to start their own churches and ministries! To learn more about the various options available to ministers, please visit the Minister Training Center.

3. Ordination in Nevada

In simple terms, ordination is a formal act of consecration that confers leadership status and authority to perform clergy duties within a religious organization. The rite of ordination has been around for thousands of years -- pretty much as long as humans have been on the earth. However, it's far from a uniform practice; the process of ordination can vary greatly from one religious tradition to the next. The end result, though, is always the same: an ordained individual is recognized as a leader and has the right to perform religious ceremonies.

Regardless of the methods involved, the traditional requirements for becoming ordained were generally strict, necessitating candidates to undergo years of formal education and testing. It also must be noted that historically, many faith systems allowed only men to pursue the title of "minister" (and some still operate that way).

Get Ordained™ offers a re-imagined ordination process, focused on an open, online model that is more inclusive and accessible than just about any other path to ordination. Anyone who feels so-called is encouraged to become ordained, regardless of their gender, identity, or any other characteristic that faced discrimination in the past.

It's also important to note that this online process has no bearing on the legitimacy of one's ordination. Those individuals who become ministers through Get Ordained™ enjoy the exact same rights and authority under the law as ministers ordained by more traditional faith systems. That means ULC ministers in Nevada are able to perform all typical clergy duties – including officiating weddings.

4. Ordination Supplies You'll Need in Nevada

Once you decide on the type of ministerial work you'd like to undertake, we want to be sure you get everything you need to fulfill your goals! That's where our online catalog comes in. Our website offers a wide variety of packages, apparel, literature, and many other items you might find helpful in pursuing your clergy duties. After consulting our ministers in Nevada, some of the most popular items there are:

No matter how you choose to use your ordination, know that we're committed to help you obtain whatever resources you might need to take your next steps with confidence!

5. Become Ordained to Officiate a Wedding in Nevada

One of the many reasons that people choose to become ministers via Get Ordained™ is to perform legal wedding ceremonies. In fact, our ministers perform countless wedding ceremonies all across Nevada each year.

Officiating a wedding is a true honor, although it comes with some unique challenges. One couple might ask you to perform a quick ceremony at their home in Reno. On the other hand, the next couple might want a traditional Christian wedding ceremony held in the Virginia City Historic District. You should be prepared for both!

If you're planning to officiate a wedding, the first step will be to brush up on the rules for performing weddings in Nevada. Because marriage is a legal ceremony, following the correct processes and checking all the required boxes is incredibly important; otherwise, the wedding may not be legally recognized.

The rules for officiating are different from place to place, so when you know where the ceremony will be held, be sure to consult the requirements for that area. To learn more about the process for performing a wedding in Nevada, please visit our step-by-step guide.

Online Ordination in Nevada

As an established religious organization that remains in good standing in Nevada, ordinations conferred by the Universal Life Church Ministries are valid across the state. In line with state law, ULC ministers are granted the authority to perform all the same duties carried out by clergy members of other faith systems, including the ability to officiate legally-binding weddings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our innovative use of the internet may make us look different from other organizations, but the ordinations provided by GetOrdained are as legally valid as those from any other church. We believe, and the law says, that you have the right to practice your faith in Nevada how you want, including as a minister of the ULC!

Time requirements associated with becoming an ordained minister are determined by the religious organization performing the ordination. At GetOrdained we choose to provide instant online ordination per our belief that all people in Nevada who feel called toward ordination should have easy access to that special role.

We believe that anyone in Nevada who feels called to ordination should have access to it, so we make it free! There is no cost associated with online ordination with GetOrdained. Depending on your plans, you may be required by the government in your area to provide proof of ordination, which we offer for a small fee.

At GetOrdained we require that a person be at least 18 years of age in order to apply for online ordination. It’s also important to keep in mind that if you are planning on performing a legal ceremony like a wedding, your town or county in Nevada may have a separate age requirement for officiants - be sure to check!

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