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How to Become a Minister in TX

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Becoming ordained in Texas is much easier than you might think! The process to be a minister was once a difficult, time-intensive undertaking (not to mention the cost of something like seminary school). The obvious problem: only a select few could achieve the title of “minister.”

Get Ordained™ is dedicated to removing these systemic barriers to participation, allowing anyone who feels so-called to certify as a minister. As part of this commitment, we’ve pioneered a free online ordination model that takes just a few minutes to complete.

Texans know the value of being free to exercise individuality and make their own decisions, and we're proud to count many people from the Lone Star State on our minister rolls.

In this guide, we'll walk through how the online ordination process works, explain the legal considerations you should know about, and, of course, show you how to get ordained in Texas!

1. How Do You Become a Minister in Texas?

Getting your minister credentials with Get Ordained™ starts by filling out the ordination application found on our website. It’s a quick and easy form that will ask for just a few basic details in order to create your account. After you hit submit, your ordination will be processed by our system and you'll be able to view a digital version of your ordination certificate, supplied by the Universal Life Church Ministries. That’s it! To get started, click the link below!

Begin Your Ordination

Why make ordination free and simple to obtain? Because our view is that each individual should have the opportunity to chart their own adventure in the universe. Faith is by its very nature a personal endeavor, and everyone walks a unique path depending on what they believe and how they choose to exercise those beliefs. The ability to make those choices for oneself – not according to arbitrary rules set by a faraway leadership group – is invaluable.

2. How Can You Use Your Ordination in Texas?

After becoming ordained, you’ll be granted complete freedom to decide how to take advantage of your status as a minister. All across the state, from El Paso to Dallas, you can put your ordination to use in a variety of exciting ways in Texas. As an ordained minister with Get Ordained™, you can:

  • Perform legal weddings
  • Lead baptisms and christenings
  • Conduct funerals
  • Officiate many other types of ceremonies

There are some Get Ordained™ ministers in Texas that have even proceeded to start their own churches and ministries! You can read more about the various options available by visiting our Minister Training Center.

3. What Does Ordination in Texas Require?

After thinking about what activities you plan to pursue, you'll want to make sure you have all the documents and supplies necessary to perform your duties! For our ministers in Texas, these have consistently been the most-recommended items:

No matter how you choose to use your ordination, we’re ready to support you with all the tools and knowledge you need to pursue your goals!

4. What Does Being Ordained Mean?

Ordination is a tradition that has been carried out by many different religious bodies – each in their own ways – throughout history. In a general sense, ordination is the consecration of an individual as a member of the clergy, an honor typically bestowed by church leadership. Every denomination has developed its own methods and processes for this consecration, and these can vary widely. Simply put, granting ordination distinguishes a person as having the authority to perform duties of the clergy such as officiating ceremonies.

Historically, this path to being ordained wasn't an easy one. It typically demanded years of dedication and study, and even then, candidates for ordination had to win the approval of their respective faith leaders.

We view these traditional avenues to ordination as needlessly restrictive and elitist. That’s why we’ve knocked down the barriers to ordination with our open, online model, making it available to anyone who seeks it. We provide online ordination in Texas because we believe that Texans deserve the freedom to follow their faith convictions however they see fit – which might include becoming ordained!

Ordination through Get Ordained™ includes the same powers and rights that other types of clergy members benefit from. Members are therefore permitted to perform the same activities and duties carried out by ministers of other denominations and faith communities.

5. How to Become Ordained to Officiate a Wedding in Texas

Folks become ministers for all sorts of reasons and, once they are ordained, are empowered to perform all sorts of different ceremonies. One thing that many new ministers especially look forward to is the opportunity to perform a wedding ceremony. As a matter of fact, Get Ordained™ ministers have successfully officiated thousands of weddings in Texas! A traditional church ceremony in Austin can be wonderful, but a couple may want to mix it up and have someone they hold a personal connection with officiate a unique wedding ceremony along the river. Having that type of flexibility when planning a wedding is a game-changer.

If performing a wedding is on your horizon, it’s vital to know the ins and outs of wedding laws in the area where you plan to officiate. The rules can vary from place to place, so you'll want to read up on the specific requirements for your state and county. To learn what the process looks like in your area, please check out our guide to performing a wedding in Texas.

Does Texas Recognize Online Ordination?

The Universal Life Church Ministries is a recognized religious organization in good standing in Texas, and ordinations supplied by the ULCM via Get Ordained™ are fully valid there. In accordance with the laws of Texas, ministers ordained online enjoy the ability to perform the same duties as any other members of the clergy, which includes presiding over official wedding ceremonies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our innovative use of the internet may make us look different from other organizations, but the ordinations provided by GetOrdained are as legally valid as those from any other church. We believe, and the law says, that you have the right to practice your faith in Texas how you want, including as a minister of the ULC!

Time requirements associated with becoming an ordained minister are determined by the religious organization performing the ordination. At GetOrdained we choose to provide instant online ordination per our belief that all people in Texas who feel called toward ordination should have easy access to that special role.

We believe that anyone in Texas who feels called to ordination should have access to it, so we make it free! There is no cost associated with online ordination with GetOrdained. Depending on your plans, you may be required by the government in your area to provide proof of ordination, which we offer for a small fee.

At GetOrdained we require that a person be at least 18 years of age in order to apply for online ordination. It’s also important to keep in mind that if you are planning on performing a legal ceremony like a wedding, your town or county in Texas may have a separate age requirement for officiants - be sure to check!

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