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This notarized document serves as official acknowledgment of your status as a minister and establishes your good standing with the Universal Life Church.

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Letter of Good Standing Details

A Letter of Good Standing serves as official proof of your good standing as a member of the Universal Life Church, and is often presented alongside your ordination credential. This notarized letter bears the live signatures of authorized church administrators and an official church seal.

Note: if you plan to officiate a wedding, the government office in charge of issuing marriage licenses may ask that you present official documents or go through a registration process before you can perform the ceremony.

While these requirements vary depending on what state you're in and where the ceremony will take place, a Letter of Good Standing can generally help simplify the process.

If you are unsure what you'll need to officiate, we highly recommend that you visit our Marriage Laws Guide to learn more about the requirements in the area where the wedding will take place.

Legal requirements aside, many of our ministers recommend the Letter of Good Standing because it underscores the certified nature of their membership and helps to make the "minister" title feel more official.


  • You must enter your legal name only, any titles will be removed.
  • You must verify the spelling of your name as it will appear on your legal paperwork.
  • Is the wedding in the 5 boroughs of New York City? You must get the New York City Package instead.
  • Is the wedding in Nevada? You must get the Nevada Package instead.

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