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In-Laws, Relatives, Adult Children, Oh My: Multigenerational Living Considerations

People are living longer, and many families find it advantageous to have young children and grandparents living together. Immigrant families often have multiple generations in one residence

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Excessive Drinking at Funeral Kills Several Attendees

Drinking is a common pastime and social event in Vietnam, so much so that the residents of that country have a word for it. Nhau means to feast and drink with friends for no reason.

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A Selection of Funeral Traditions From Around the World

Across the Philippines, funeral traditions vary greatly from one region to the next. In Apayao, for example, the Isnag people have a custom that many Westerners would find unusual.

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Exploring Black American Wedding Traditions

While the phrase “tying the knot” is commonly used as a synonym for “getting married,” there’s an actual wedding custom of tying knots that originates in Africa.

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What Can a 78,000-Year-Old Grave Tell Us About Human Grief?

In May 2021, National Geographic reported an amazing find: a 78,000-year-old grave. While its mere age is astonishing enough, there’s another reason this gravesite is important.

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What Happens After We Die? Just Ask an Ancient Egyptian

Guided by Anubis, these souls arrived in the Hall of Truth to await Osiris’ judgment. While Osiris governed this process, he did consult with others. He turned to Anubis and Thoth

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Jain Wedding Traditions

Jainism is one of the oldest religions in continuous practice today. Jain wedding traditions vary from sect to sect, but the weddings themselves have the same purpose

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Unusual Wedding Customs Around the World

Something borrowed, something blue? Weddings are undeniably full of unique traditions and rituals, many of them downright strange. Here are some of our favorite unique wedding traditions from around the world.

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Wedding Traditions Around the Globe

There’s something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue; the tossing of the bouquet and garter; and the rice thrown as the newlyweds leave. Around the world, you can find other wedding traditions.

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A Primer on Muslim Weddings

Muslim weddings are very common ceremonies, but many in the United States might not know all of the rituals and traditions. Here's a quick primer on Muslim weddings, whether you're officiating or attending.

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