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Get Ordained™ and the Universal Life Church Ministries were founded on the belief that we are all children of the same universe. What does that mean? And how is that philosophy reflected in the Church’s policies and treatment of its members?

All Are Welcome

The Universal Life Church proudly welcomes people of all backgrounds and belief systems under a single large umbrella. We do not discriminate, inviting anyone who agrees to abide by the basic tenets to join the Church.

It is our view that every spiritual tradition is unique and valuable in its own way; no faith is inherently superior to another. Because the world’s many religions are deeply interconnected, with common threads woven between them throughout history, the contents of this umbrella can exist harmoniously. Each tradition provides its own interpretation of human and spiritual experiences, offering thoughtful additions to life’s most existential questions. The ULC embraces this diversity in outlook, seeing strength in such differences.

Rejection of Hierarchies

Another important aspect of the Universal Life Church structure is that there is no imposed hierarchy among members. All ULC ministers are treated equally – no member is more or less important than another. This lack of hierarchy symbolizes the value that all children of the universe bring to the table, regardless of what title or position they might happen to hold. 

Furthermore, the ULC is fundamentally opposed to any form of religious tests for its members. We firmly believe that nobody should be required to follow arbitrary standards imposed by often-distant leadership bodies in order to practice their faith and pursue their goals as a minister.

Chart Your Own Path

Similarly, a central pillar of the Get Ordained™ philosophy is that everyone should be able to chart their own spiritual path, following their faith in the manner that makes the most sense to them. Faith is an inherently personal journey, and many people have difficulty finding a formal organization or traditional church body that perfectly aligns with their outlook and beliefs.

The ULC provides a home for anyone that doesn’t fit into a neat little religious box, and empowers its ministers to express their beliefs proudly – however idiosyncratic or unconventional they might be.

The history of the Universal Life Church is a long and interesting one (and worth reading about, if you're curious).

Do That Which is Right

One of the core tenets of the Universal Life Church is to “do that which is right,” a responsibility we assign to all of our members when they join. But this is more than just a slogan – it’s a guiding light in the ULC’s efforts to be a force for good in the world. The Church has sought to actualize this philosophy in various ways, from its charitable giving projects to its extensive litigation efforts to secure the rights of its ministers. 

The belief that we are children of the same universe also goes hand in hand with the fight to secure social justice. For example, Get Ordained™ and ULC were on the forefront of the battle for marriage equality, supporting ministers in performing same-sex marriages long before the Supreme Court decision that officially legalized it nationwide. In fact, many of the first same-sex ceremonies officiated across the U.S. were performed by ULC ministers.

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