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The Universal Life Church (ULC) is a modern, non-denominational church started by Kirby J. Hensley. This new approach to religion, first known as the "Life Church", began in 1959 in Modesto, California and has since come to be practiced by ministers from around the world.

Why Hensley Founded The Universal Life Church

As part of its inclusive, non-denominational nature, the Universal Life Church espouses the idea that there is no one true religion.

  • As part of its inclusive, non-denominational nature, the Universal Life Church espouses the idea that there is no one true religion.*

Kirby Hensley grew up in a Baptist family. Not being content with just one interpretation of religion, he made a point to observe the practices and belief systems of other Christian churches. What Hensley did not find in these churches was a religious message that personally fulfilled him. By founding the Life Church, Hensley hoped to find his own religious calling. He believed that there is no "one size fits all" religion; instead, he believed that it is up to every spiritual person to develop a personally-crafted faith system of their own. Hensley incorporated his church as the Universal Life Church on May 2, 1962 in order to apply the concept of universal religious freedom.

What The Universal Life Church Represents

The Universal Life Church represents a message of utmost devotion to the concept of religious freedom. It is a message echoed in the Constitution of the United States of America, that we all have the First Amendment right to exercise religion as we see fit. The Church espouses religious freedom by making no attempt to regulate or interfere with the messages preached by its pastors and shows respect for the rights of others, such that no one should be infringed by its members' practice of religion. When you use the Get Ordained services through the Universal Life Church, you are treated as someone who is free to preside over your own interpretation of religion.

The Universal Life Church Of Today

Today, the beliefs espoused by the Universal Life Church has reached millions worldwide. The ULC is quite famous for the fact that anyone can become a pastor through its online ordination process. No special requirements must be met or funds paid in order to use Get Ordained services at the ULC. Once you have become a pastor, you are free to perform baptismal and wedding ceremonies.

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