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Few experiences are as memorable as an outdoor wedding. There’s a special quality to being surrounded by the splendor of nature while tying the knot. Whether it is your own big day or you’re a guest at someone else’s event, it is best to think ahead when you’re attending such an affair. A beautiful day can easily become a bad day when you forget to bring along a few key items. For reducing the impact of sunlight to warding off insects, these essentials should always be nearby when you plan on hanging around outside for a bit.


A bright and sunny morning is typically viewed as a favorable sign for couples about to walk down the aisle. However, most people also know how damaging sunlight can be. It is no huge surprise that prolonged exposure to direct UV rays can cause burned or damaged skin. In extreme cases, consistent time in the sun without proper precautions can even lead to the development of serious conditions like melanoma. The obvious solution? Be sure to slather on plenty of sunscreen before heading outside for extended periods of time.

Experts suggest using a sunscreen with both UV-A and UV-B protection. Additionally, you may wish to look for a “reef-safe” option, as many formulations include toxic chemicals now known to damage the world’s sensitive coral reefs. If you’re attending a beach wedding and want to take a swim, opt for any sunscreen that is free of oxybenzone to do your part to keep the oceans healthy.

Humidity Rising

Staying mindful of the humidity is also key to your comfort when attending an outdoor celebration. Whether it is sunny or overcast, a day with high humidity can easily make a person feel like his or her skin is crawling. If you don’t check the weather in advance, you may wear an outfit that causes you to swelter. Bring along a few items when a humid day is on the horizon, such as extra water. A water bottle is an absolute must, as dehydration is a primary concern for people of all ages when the humidity is unforgiving.

If you’re the one hosting the event, provide guests with a way of staying cool. Personal fans, both electric and paper, can create a cool breeze whenever your friends and family need some respite. Guests should always think to bring along a fan or similar item in the event that the hosts did not plan in advance.

A Bug’s Life

Nature is as gorgeous as it is horrifying. For every majestic bird you see soaring above, there are thousands of insects hidden in plain sight all around. Though most are completely harmless, there are plenty of which to keep mindful. Mosquitoes are perhaps the most notorious nuisance, especially in damp or cool outdoor environments. After a storm, these blood-sucking critters come out on swarms. Grab repellent spray, citronella candles, and other known deterrents to reduce the odds of a bite. 

No Rain Check

An outdoor wedding being called on account of rain is something that can be expected. Typically, couples will have a plan of action for this. Sadly, guests may encounter a situation where there’s a bit of a drizzle and the wedding is continuing forward as planned. Instead of bailing on the event, you can try to make the best of things by bringing an umbrella and dressing appropriately. You may not need a totally dry backup outfit, but consider bringing some clothes on the off chance you get soaked.

Outdoor weddings offer happy couples a beautiful setting and the chance to experience an important milestone surrounded by the bounty of nature. As long as hosts and guests think ahead and bring the right essentials, there’s little that can totally ruin the moment.

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