Connect With Your Partner Before Your Wedding With These Ideas

Remaining connected with your partner in the time leading up to the ceremony is incredibly important. We share these suggestions for cultivating connection, beyond the minutae of wedding planning.

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Choosing Godparents: Everything You Need To Know Before and After the Baptism

Godparents fill a meaningful role as support for the entire family, and also witnesses to key milestones in your child's life. Here, we share how to include them in important milestones and stay in touch, near or far.

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Woman Vows To Be Submissive in Wedding

Relationship dynamics are constantly shifting. Some still observe the belief that one partner ought to submit to the other. Regardless of the dynamics you favor it's crucial to ensure both parties consent to the dynamic.

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Keep the Romance Alive While Planning Your Big Day

Planning a wedding will certainly demand more attention and resources but it is equally important to continue to cultivate the connection between partners. We hope these tips prove helpful in strengthening your bond.

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Coping With Post-Wedding Blues

While not widely spoken about, experiencing post-wedding blues can be quite common. In this article, we share key tips for navigating the transition from wedding planning excitement to the joys of marital bliss.

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Keeping Love Alive After The Wedding

It's easy to settle into the routines and responsibilties of life, and inadvertantly grow apart from your spouse. These crucial tips on how to keep the relationship connection strong will help long after the wedding day.

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How To Deal With a Difficult Maid of Honor

Choosing your maid of honor is a critical task, as they will fill the role as primary supporter, and organizer for your big day. When navigating wedding planning and day-of stressors, communication is vital.

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Picking the Best Gifts for Your Wedding Party

Showing appreciation to your wedding party is a popular trend. Consider these tips for choosing a gift, regardless of budget, for those people who will witness and support you through one of life's most important days.

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Things To Consider in a May-December Relationship

May-December relationships have considerations that other traditional relationships without significant age difference don't have. From physical differences to tackling stereotypes, here's what to think about.

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Choosing Godparents To Support Your Child

What a godparent does is different for every family. Whether they're a spiritual mentor, adult cheerleader, or even guardian, choosing the right person to fulfill your child's needs is an important decision.

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