The first few years of marriage are exciting and fun as you and your new partner tackle the world together. Once the routine of life settles in, things can go stale. You can get caught up in the day-to-day chores and tasks that take your attention away from the love of your life. If you feel as if you aren’t focusing on your partner these days, here are some ways to rekindle those butterfly feelings.

Do Something New Together

Regular date nights can get pushed aside when it’s the same old thing. Kick up your time together by planning new activities every so often. Take a dance class together. Go somewhere different to eat. Plan a special evening of theatre or music. Instead of a Friday night date, plan a Sunday brunch date with a fun afternoon activity. Surprise your partner with a picnic dinner. Take a moonlit drive one evening. The idea is to get out of your comfort zone to learn something about your partner. 

Take Time To Be Present  

Find times to laugh together and to show affection to each other. This sounds like a simple thing, but people get so caught up in their busy lives that it can be difficult to put down their devices and just talk. Find a game that you can play together to reconnect. Get a game that helps you get to know each other. Put on some music and dance like you’re at your wedding. Work a crossword or jigsaw puzzle together.

Remember To Show Gratitude

It’s easy to take loved ones for granted. Don't forget to notice the big and little things your partner does for you. Remember to express your appreciation for supporting you, through dealing with your parents or making dinner each day. Remembering your manners and showing gratitude can help keep love alive even when life gets tough together.

Take Some Time For Yourself

Just because you’re in a partnership doesn’t mean that you should lose your individuality. Don’t forget to do things you are interested in that may not include your partner. Keep in touch with your friends and family. Have some alone time to reconnect with yourself. Spending time away from your partner can actually help enhance your relationship by showing you new ways to connect. Make sure your partner gets alone time, too. Balance time apart with time together.

Deal With Conflict

It’s been said that couples shouldn’t go to bed angry with each other, but it could also be said that sleeping on your conflict overnight can be just what you need to wake up with a new attitude. The most important thing is to have constructive ways to deal with conflict before it has a chance to rip apart your connection. Conflict shouldn’t be avoided because it can bring you closer together. Finding a win-win resolution to conflict keeps your relationship healthy and improves intimacy. You’re going to disagree, but when you learn to work together to find solutions, everyone flourishes.

Don’t Be Afraid To Seek Outside Help

If you’re struggling with open communication or other issues after your wedding, it can be helpful to seek professional help from a marriage counselor or spiritual advisor. A third party can often offer a new perspective to your marriage that can help increase communication and reduce friction between you and your partner. A few sessions with a professional therapist can help get you both on the same page to deal with all types of problems more effectively. Marriage counseling can help give your relationship a stronger foundation to navigate life’s ups and downs better together. 

Keeping love alive takes action, but the results are worth it. 

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