The months leading to your wedding are going to be packed with an array of tasks and activities connected to your big day. For many couples, this leads to all of their free time being consumed by planning responsibilities. Unfortunately, this also brings about tension and frustration. To avoid this, you must spend time with your partner that is dedicated to undertakings that are unrelated to your wedding. Explore these ideas and find ways to keep the fires alive as you prepare for your nuptials. 

Keep Communicating

Conversation is key to a healthy relationship. Naturally, what you talk about makes a world of difference when it comes to how the conversations enrich your connection. During the wedding planning process, it is important to frequently check in with your significant other. Talk about how he or she is feeling and what you can do to alleviate any building stress. You should also have chats about mundane and inconsequential topics. Talk about your daily routines, thoughts about current pop culture stories, and fun facts you’ve learned about topics you find interesting. 

It may seem simple, but having time for idle chatter can help you decompress during stressful times. Plus, it strengthens your relationship by showing your partner that you are there to lend an ear or shoulder whenever the time arises. 

Commit Random Acts of Kindness

When you first met your partner, you likely spent more time and effort on little surprises. This is because the early phases of a relationship are built on such little gestures. Sadly, most people tend to commit fewer acts of kindness as they spend more time with their romantic partners. To keep the passion alive in your relationship, see how you can improve your partner’s day with little actions. Running a bath and lighting candles when your significant other is coming home from a stressful day is a great example of a little action with a big emotional impact.

Look Back

It stands to reason you decided to marry your partner because you’ve spent many years growing together. One of the best ways to keep your connection strong as you plan for your wedding is by reminiscing together. Grab your phone and open some old albums you can swipe through. Talking and laughing about adventures you’ve had in the past can help you remember why you are enduring all of the stress of planning a wedding in the first place. Take this idea a step further by visiting locations you went to during your first dates. 

Practice Respect

Having mutual respect is vital to a strong marriage. Get into the habit early by showing your partner the thoughtfulness he or she deserves as you plan your wedding. For example, your partner might be asking you for input on reception decor. If you’re not responding to this request right away, your partner might take this as a sign of disrespect. Avoid this scenario by staying on top of your partner’s needs and being open and receptive to any ideas or tasks that may emerge. 

Go Away

Taking a trip somewhere can also be a good way to shed the stress of wedding planning for a bit. While a big trip may not be in your budget, taking a small trip somewhere local can still have a positive impact on your relationship. The main goal is to dedicate time to going somewhere private where the two of you can connect and remember why you’re getting married in the first place.

Strengthen Your Bond

While preparing to tie the knot can be a thrilling time in your life, it can also be a very frustrating period. To keep the connection you have with your partner strong, be sure to step back and dedicate time to tasks and activities that will enrich the bond you share.

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