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It is hard to deny the impact that climate change is having on the planet. While big corporations and organizations are causing the most damage to the planet through large-scale disasters that are never actually remedied, consumers tend to take on the responsibility of correcting the scales. One way average people do this is by focusing on sustainability. If you’re someone who cares about the environment, you may want to find ways to incorporate sustainable practices into your big day. Review these ideas and see how you can cultivate an eco-friendly event. 

The Invitations

The journey to a green wedding begins long before the special day arrives. You have several alternatives available to you when it comes to traditional paper invitations, for example. If you want to ditch paper altogether, consider switching to a digital method of delivery. It might seem less “polished” to send your wedding invites through email, but it is a fantastic way to reduce your wedding’s overall carbon footprint. Plus, you’re likely to receive faster and more reliable responses when you use an online portal to keep track of guests. 

If you’re beholden to the idea of traditional invitations, consider using paper alternatives. “Seed paper” is great for this. Basically, this is paper that is made with plant seeds woven throughout. After a guest receives the invite, he or she can plant it in the ground or a pot and watch as a lovely bit of greenery blooms in their space. 

The Venue

Where you host your event can also have a big impact on how eco-friendly your nuptials turn out. You should aim to use a venue that follows practices that align with your views on sustainability. For example, recycling might be very important for you. While it is a legal requirement for businesses in some areas, not all counties require companies to recycle. This means you should speak with the venue coordinator in advance and ask any questions that pertain to your core beliefs surrounding eco-friendly solutions. 

There are a number of great resources online to help you find businesses that care about the environment. One of the biggest databases can be found through the United States Government’s Library of Congress website. Their list of “Green Businesses” includes a plethora of profiles, articles, and news sources about sustainable businesses around the country.

The Decor

Another area to focus on when you’re thinking about sustainable wedding practices is decor. The flowers you pick for your wedding can play a big part in how much of an impact your event has on the planet. If you select flowers that are grown in another part of the world, then you’re putting more strain on the environment by picking plants that need to be shipped via various methods from one location to another. Instead, try to focus on flowers that are sourced locally. 

Another smart option with your flowers is to pick plants that are currently in season. Not only is this a green practice, it can save you a good chunk of change. Flowers that are in bloom are easier to source, meaning they don’t usually cost as much as flowers that grow during different times of the year. 

The Food

Think about food in the same way you think about your floral arrangements. Opt for caterers that use meat and ingredients that are sourced locally. This will reduce your carbon footprint and also help you support businesses in your area. What’s more, you tend to get more delicious and fresh meals when you follow this concept. 

The Future

There are plenty of ways to make your wedding align with your personal views about the environment. As long as you think about all of the ideas available to you, you’ll have no trouble reducing your event’s impact on the planet.

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