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Considerations for Having the Anti-Wedding of Your Dreams

Weddings are whatever you want them to be. While some dream of extravagant ceremonies, that's not for everyone. If you and your spouse aren't into all of the extras, you can always a more intimate 'anti-wedding' instead.

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What Couples Need To Know About Themed Weddings

A themed wedding is a wonderful way to make your wedding ceremony feel personal to you and your partner. However, due to their niche nature, themed weddings might require additional planning to get the details right.

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Throw an Eco-Friendly Wedding With These Tips for Green Living

Eco-friendly weddings are all the rage with young people who are environmentally conscious. While 'going green' might sound expensive or difficult, a few simple adjustments go a long way towards a sustainable ceremony.

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A Guide To Designing a Minimalist Wedding

Hoping to cut costs on your wedding? Or maybe you just like the idea of a smaller, more intimate ceremony? You may want to consider a minimalist wedding ceremony instead. Here are some tips to get started.

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The Easiest Way To Select a Style for Your Wedding

One of the most important decisions you'll make when planning your wedding is your wedding style. From colors to clothing, the style you choose to represent your love story will inform most other aesthetic decisions.

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Alternatives To Working Your Pet Into Your Big Day

Everyone with a pet knows it's family, and many couples want to incorporate their pet on their big day. But if your fuzzy friend isn't great with crowds, there are great alternatives to having them there in person.

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Fun Ideas for Including Your Fur Baby in Your Wedding

Anyone with pets knows that your fluffy friends are just as much a part of your family as anyone else. Thankfully, there are many different and creative ways to include the family cat or dog in your wedding day.

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What Your Invitation Font Says About You

You may think that your wedding invitation font isn't important, but it will be your guests' first introduction to your wedding's vibe. Here's how to avoid getting overwhelmed and select a great typeface.

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What You Should Know About Scheduling Your Wedding on a Holiday

Many couples planning their nuptials will at least passingly consider a holiday wedding. But for those seriously thinking about putting their big day on Thanksgiving or Christmas, there are some important things to know.

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Getting Married During the Holiday Season: A Guide

Want to be wed in a winterland? More and more couples are turning to the holiday season when choosing their wedding date. And while having a snowy wedding is fun, there are some considerations you should know about.

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