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Rap star Eminem's daughter Alaina Scott is now officially married, and Eminem walked his daughter down the aisle with pride. Scott and Matt Moeller got engaged in December 2021 after a seven-year relationship, celebrating the engagement with a party the following month. After over a year of wedding planning, the couple has finally tied the knot.

An Intimate Affair

Scott and Moeller married in a Great Gatsby-themed wedding, with a small wedding party and an intimate guest list. Scott asked her sister, Hailie Jade, to be her maid of honor. When discussing the small number of attendees, Scott said they only wanted people who were part of their daily lives to be there. In fact, they didn't allow many plus one's either. She noted how important it was for both her and her husband that it not be an overly elaborate affair.

Her Adoptive Father

Alaina is the biological daughter of Dawn Scott, Eminem's ex-wife's twin sister. Dawn and her sister Kim met Eminem in high school. They had run away from home at 15, and Eminem and his mother took them in. Eminem began an on-again-off-again relationship with Kim, marrying her in 1999. They divorced two years later but briefly remarried in 2006 before divorcing for the final time later that year.

Eminem gained custody of Alaina due to her mother's drug addiction and inability to care for her. He also adopted Kim's child Stevie after he and Kim reconciled. Dawn, unfortunately, died of a drug overdose in 2016. 

Eminem has struggled with his own drug addictions over the years, though he has been clean since 2008. He spent several stints in rehab after he got addicted to a variety of pills, including Ambien, Vicodin, and Valium. After first getting clean in 2002, he soon relapsed while filming his movie. "8 Mile" required 16-hour working days, and he needed the pills to help him sleep after developing insomnia.

After a methadone overdose in 2007 in which he nearly lost his life, he checked himself out of the rehab facility before he was fully detoxed, and his drug use picked back up almost immediately. After trying church meetings to get clean, he sought a rehab counselor and started a program that firmly focused on exercise, and he was finally able to get clean. 

His song "Mockingbird" refers to the tough times at the beginning of his children's childhood. However, once he was able to straighten out, he was a stable parent and mentor for his children. Alaina has given her adoptive father credit for loving and raising her, saying none of this would have been possible without him.

A Dream Wedding

Alaina was thrilled when describing the wedding. She said she planned every detail and was delighted to see it all come to life. The details included napkins with the couple's dog's photo and a caption stating: "Our parents are married!" 

There were thousands of flowers used to decorate, including 2,000 white roses lining the aisle. There was also an assortment of peach, red, coral, and orange flowers. Two Packard limousines from 1940 and 1947 were an additional decorative accent. 

The aisle the bride's father proudly walked her down was 80 feet long and had a checkered pattern. It was a magical moment for them both. Eminem's half-brother, Nate Kane, sang his song "Slide On Over" at the reception, which was regarded as another memorable moment.

The personal ceremony will be remembered by all who attended, particularly Scott, her new husband, and their family. The longtime couple will now begin their life together as husband and wife, with their families nearby to support them.

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