Avoid These Common Mistakes When Selecting Your Wedding Favors

Wedding favors offer a special way to thank your guests for supporting this important milestone. While popular trends may leave you feeling conflicted, these insights can help you find the favors that will work for you.

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Five Ways To Help Guests Who Attend Your Destination Wedding

A destination wedding can be equal parts exciting and troublesome. We share these insights to consider when planning a destination wedding, with focus on communicating your plans and choosing your guests wisely.

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Tips for Keeping Children Entertained on Your Wedding Day

Including children at a wedding reception can pose a unique challenge. We share these considerations and tips that can help keep the kids entertained and cared for, while celebrating such a grand occasion.

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Changes in Wedding Etiquette Over the Years

It's no surprise that wedding etiquette has evolved with the changing times. With couple's using more online tools to manage the details of their big day, you'll want to keep these tips in mind as a wedding guest.

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Bride Elopes and Expects Money for Honeymoon

When the couple got engaged after five years of dating, the father and mother were excited and ready to help pay for the wedding. They were prepared to start planning immediately

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How You Can Help Guests Traveling for Your Wedding

Most weddings have out-of-town guests, and they'll seriously appreciate it if you assist them when it comes to lodging and transportation. Luckily, there are easy ways to accomodate your friends coming from far away.

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How To Make Painless Cuts To Your Guest List

Making the guest list for your wedding isn't easy; Making cuts to that wedding guest list is even harder. Still, there are ways to tactfully make wedding guest list cuts that won't rock the boat too much.

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A Rundown of the Standard Secular Wedding Script

Secular weddings are increasingly popular, but what does a secular wedding actually look like? Here are some quick tips on writing the perfect secular wedding script so that the ceremony matches your personality.

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Should You Ask Your Wedding Guests About COVID-19 Vaccination Status?

Planning a 2022 wedding? Confirming the vaccination status of everyone attending is paramount to ensure the safety of all. Here's how to navigate that potentially prickly subject with grace and understanding.

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Personalize Your Wedding With These Unique Features

A wedding should reflect the personality of the couple, and truly tell their love story. From having a friend officiate to leaving personalized notes for guests, there are many ways to make your wedding uniquely you.

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