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Travel PreparationsYou don’t need to host a destination wedding to create an event where guests have to travel. Whether you have an extensive social network that stretches beyond the borders of your state or you come from a big family that is spread all over the country, you might be dealing with a list of people who will be adding mileage to their odometers to reach your nuptials. This means you have to take extra steps to make your gathering as uncomplicated as possible for all involved. Use these tips to guide how you handle your out-of-town guests.


First and foremost, you need to arrange accommodations for your guests. While it is easier than ever for people to book their own room or Airbnb online, taking the initiative can show how much you care about providing comfort and ease. The best approach is to find a hotel that is very close to the reception venue and reserve a block or two for the guests a few months in advance. People can then book and pay for the rooms at their leisure, usually for a slightly discounted price due to the block structure of the reservations. 

It is best to find a hotel that is affordable without sacrificing quality. You likely will have guests of different means coming to your event, so you don’t want anyone to feel like getting a room will set them back a paycheck. Anyone who wants a different arrangement is free to book a room elsewhere at their own discretion. The point is that you take the initiative to make accommodations as simple as possible. 


Since guests tend to drink at a wedding, you don’t want your friends and family to drive back and forth from the hotel to the venue. Arranging transportation is another key step to handling your out-of-town guests. In truth, booking a party bus or taxi service can be a practical move, even for the locals. The fewer people bringing cars to the event, the easier parking will be for your vendors and anyone who has to leave the party early to tend to pets, children, or personal matters.  


Many people view the opportunity to travel for a wedding as a chance for a miniature vacation. If you really want to go above and beyond for your guests, put together a list of places that they might like to check out. This can include anything from lists of upcoming local events to big attractions that you feel people should visit while in town. Again, this is a task that many people can tackle themselves. However, going the extra mile shows a level of care that will be remembered. 

A list of local restaurants, bars, and coffee spots might also be useful to give to all guests. Whether they get to town a night early and want a cocktail or they’re looking for brunch the morning after the reception, having a go-to selection of spots can be a huge help.

Final Thoughts

Outside of the main points discussed, you should also include detailed directions in your invitation suite. When a guest doesn’t need to put an address in his or her GPS, getting to a destination can be a lot more pleasurable. You may also find it useful to mention gas stations, convenience stores, and scenic views, and anything else you think might make the journey less of a challenge.

You don’t need to move literal mountains to help your out-of-town guests get to your wedding without a hitch. As long as you take the preliminary steps of arranging accommodations and basic transportation, it will go a long way to show you appreciate their attendance. 

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