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Red Computer Button That Says Guest ListIn a perfect world, you would be able to invite every single person you care about to your wedding. Unfortunately, each person you add to the event causes the price tag to bump up significantly. To maintain a sensible budget, you will undoubtedly need to make some cuts to your guest list. While it can seem daunting, you’ll find that there are a few ways to make the cuts as painless as possible. At the end of the day, this is your event and you have the right to include or exclude whomever you wish. 

The Venue

Some couples make a preliminary guest list long before they scope out potential venues. However, doing this can limit your options from the start. If you’re working with a fixed list of 300 people, for example, any venue that holds fewer than this number will be immediately written off. Sadly, this means you could be saying no to venues that perfectly capture the energy of your dream nuptials. In the end, you’ll find it is way easier to pick your venue first and then make an official list of guests based on how many bodies the space can accommodate. 

The Current State of Your Life

Immediate family members and lifelong friends are people who will automatically be added to your guest lists. However, many couples extend invites to individuals with whom they are in current contact. For example, you might feel compelled to invite a handful of the people you work with. While this might seem practical, it can be better to stop and consider the future first. Do you plan on working in this job for a long time? If this is a temporary gig or a place you see yourself leaving soon, inviting coworkers is a pointless expense. 

The same mentality can be applied to individuals you feel you might not remain close with down the line. Neighbors and associates are people who can play a big part in your everyday routine, but they may no longer be part of the equation within a few years depending on circumstance. If you foresee major life changes on your horizon, take this to heart when making your cuts. 

The Five-Year Rule

Experts in the wedding industry offer one concrete piece of guest-list advice that most couples find helpful: Follow the five-year rule. This means if someone has not been in your life for the last five years, he or she does not need a place at your celebration. Though you might feel a strong compulsion to reach out to college roommates, childhood friends, or extended family members, the people who are not immediately part of your life are the ones you should feel most comfortable excluding. 

Naturally, there are some exceptions to this rule. If you haven’t seen certain people because of geographical distance or circumstances like active military status, then extending an invite is a great way to bridge the gap of a friendship in need of an excuse for a reunion. 

The Discussions

There is an old custom that states parents who help children pay for a wedding should receive a few guest invites as a way of saying thanks. However, you absolutely need to discuss this before you accept any financial assistance. If your parents expect this exchange and you don’t want them to invite certain people, being clear about this point is necessary. Though it can mean turning down money that could help your event thrive, retaining control over the guest list can be more important to some. 

Making cuts to your guest list is a process many couples have to deal with. With a few key points in mind, you should be able to whittle down the numbers without causing any major upsets to your important relationships.

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