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Weddings can be a memorable event for all. A new union is formed, you get to catch up with friends and family you haven't seen in a long time, and there are often at least one or two unexpected memorable moments. Sometimes those moments are something like the young flower girl forgetting to throw flowers as she walks down the aisle, and other times, it may be a moment of poor wedding etiquette by someone who simply didn't know better.

Nowadays, wedding etiquette sometimes looks different from what it did even a decade or two ago. Here are some newer rules for the wedding day that may not have applied a few years ago.

Be Sure To RSVP - But You Can Often Do It Online

While you should always RSVP when attending a wedding, it is often much easier to do now. Instead of worrying about sending your RSVP back in the mail, many weddings allow you to do so online. There may be a link, a barcode, or an app where you can send in your meal request along with your RSVP. Regardless, be sure to do it promptly to make it easier on those planning the wedding.

Cash and Gift Cards Are Acceptable

Back in the day, sending cash or a gift card as a gift was often seen as tacky and impersonal. However, this is often what is preferred by wedding couples. It allows them to spend it on what they need most or apply it to their honeymoon budget. Whether you give cash or a gift, make sure it is on the registry or something you know they will love. Additionally, remember to include the gift receipt in case they receive duplicates or if it's something they aren't going to use.

Avoid Taking Pictures at the Ceremony

These days just about everyone has a camera on their person at all times in the form of a phone. Because of this, we like to document and share just about everything. However, during the wedding ceremony is not the time to do it. First, you don't want to share photos before the bride and groom have, as that would be incredibly tacky. Secondly, you don't want to interfere with the shots the professional photographer is trying to take by having your arm or phone in view of the shot.

Keep the phone put away during the ceremony, but feel free to take photos during the reception. This is often encouraged, and the bridal party will sometimes even ask you to upload the pictures to social media with a specific hashtag.

Avoid Big Announcements - Even on Social Media

The wedding day is about the bride and groom and no one else. Therefore, sharing any announcement that does not relate to the couple is a faux pas that should be avoided. This includes announcements on social media or sharing with even a small group of people. Wait until after the excitement from the wedding has died down before sharing your news.

Help Where You Can

Even though you are a guest at a party, the day is about the bride and groom. If you are able, look for ways you can help out. Don't be overbearing or a nuisance, but be willing to step in and help if needed. For example, you may be able to take your friend's daughter into the other room if she has difficulty staying quiet during the ceremony or offer to help someone in the wedding party finish getting ready by zipping up their dress or by helping with a last-minute beauty emergency.

While wedding etiquette may have changed some over the years, its reasoning has remained the same. The wedding day is about the two people getting married, and these rules help ensure it stays that way.

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