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Have you always dreamed of a destination wedding? Have you always wanted to leave the confines of your small town and get married somewhere luxurious? If this has always been your plan and you can afford it, you should make it happen. First, however, there are several things you should do to help make the trip easier for the friends and family that you would like to attend.

Limit the Guest List

Chances are most people in your life won't be able to come to your wedding if it isn't local. Whether it's because of money, time, or lack of child care, it's hard for people to get away. For this reason, you should limit your guest list as much as possible. Instead, aim for close friends and family who you think will be able to and want to make the trip. Doing this gives you a better idea of who can attend, which will make planning much easier for everybody.

Offset Costs However Possible

Your guests will likely spend a lot of money when paying for travel, lodging, food, and other miscellaneous expenses. See what you can do to help offset the costs of your wedding. Even things such as providing some of the meals can go a long way.

In addition, you can rent a larger space where your guests can stay. This shouldn't cost you too much money but would help with the affordability of your guests' trip. If you can't afford that, call around and see what deals hotels in the area offer. You may save some money by booking several hotel rooms at once, and you can find some at different price points so that guests can stay within their lodging budget.

Tell Them As Soon as Possible

Let your guests know the date and location as soon as possible. The more time they have to plan, the easier for them to come. Solidifying a date and place should be the first thing you do to give your guests as much time as possible to make travel arrangements.

In addition, provide them with an itinerary you plan to stick with. This shows them the more specific times they will need to be available. For example, if you have family who will need to be in photos, giving them that information will be helpful for them.

Reach Out to Those Who Can't Come

Some guests simply cannot afford the time or money to attend your wedding. Ensure you clarify that this is not an expectation and that you completely understand if they cannot come. Consider having a brunch or party locally that they can attend to celebrate your wedding, so they feel like they were still a part of your special day. During this event, you can share photos and tell stories about your wedding day and the days surrounding it.

Put Less Expensive Gifts on the Registry

Many of your guests will be spending a lot of money to attend your wedding. For this reason, consider putting some inexpensive items on your wedding registry. This will help if they cannot afford both the trip and an expensive wedding present. You may also consider letting them know that they do not have to get you a gift but that their presence at your wedding is enough.

These are several ways you can make the experience for your guests a bit easier, which makes it more likely that you will have a good turnout. By doing what you can to help prevent this from being a stressful experience, you are helping ensure that your wedding will be a wonderful time and a great vacation for anyone who can attend.

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