Recent years have seen a rise in the popularity of minimalist weddings. Basically, this type of event is one that features limited decor in order to cultivate a clean and ordered look. Couples often gravitate toward this concept because it is a great way to save money and be more deliberate with the overall design. If this idea appeals to you, then you might need a bit of assistance figuring out the details. Look over these bits of advice and find the perfect way to throw a minimalist wedding that matches your sensibilities. 

Start With Specifics

Minimalism offers you the opportunity to select very specific pieces to highlight in your wedding decor. To get started on planning an event of this nature, begin searching for decorations that truly speak to your aesthetic preferences. For example, you might really love the idea of using florals in creative ways. One perfect piece that fits this idea is an archway comprised entirely of beautiful blossoms. Not only can this arch be used during the ceremony, it can easily be incorporated into the decor of the reception venue to act as a focal point.

Incorporate Neutral Tones

While not a hard requirement, most minimalist weddings feature predominantly neutral tones. Shades of white tend to give the reception space a pristine appearance, which perfectly lends itself to the minimalist concept. Of course, not everything should be a neutral color. Select one or two pieces of decor in bold colors, as these items will truly pop while surrounded by shades of cream and beige. What’s more, neutral tones elevate the appearance of any flowers or plants you decide to use as decor. These colors will also prove useful in highlighting any textures you decide to incorporate into the decorations. 

Focus on Shapes

Another great way to put together a minimalist event is by putting your attention on shapes. Geometric shapes work perfectly with events of this nature because they allow for a bit of creativity when you are trying to shy away from overdoing color in your decorations. Instead of standard circular plates, a great alternative to explore is plates that boast a hexagonal shape. Similarly, a cake that features a number of sharp angles can truly stand out and impress your guests. Play around with different ideas to see how you can best include shapes in your decor. 

Utilize Levels

Creating a clean look for your wedding can prove challenging when you are working with a limited amount of space. Thankfully, you don’t always need ample surface area in order to make the most of your venue while decorating. One option to consider is playing with levels. Using tiered tables is a perfect example of this. Not only does a tier system offer a way to include many items on a single table, but it also creates a stunning visual that prevents the space from looking cluttered. 

Go With Smaller Options

Centerpieces are typically an important feature of wedding decor. To keep with the minimalist theme, be sure to go with centerpieces that are not too large or cumbersome. Work with your florist to create small, memorable pieces that stand out without completely pulling focus. This can be accomplished by keeping the centerpieces low to the table and using only a handful of flowers in each. Not only is this helpful from a design standpoint, but it also helps you avoid a situation where the centerpieces are so large that they block the view for your guests. 

Embrace Minimalism

A minimalist wedding offers you the opportunity to throw the wedding of your dreams in a clean and concise way. By being specific with the decorations you use on your big day, you can create an event that is memorable and aesthetically pleasing.

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