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Retro WeddingTechnology has come a long way over recent decades. With each new change, life is made easier in myriad ways. However, this has an impact on the flow of timeless traditions. Weddings, for example, often benefit from the many strides forward made in modern gadgetry. Of course, this doesn’t mean that all couples are embracing what the future has to offer. Though plenty of people prefer digital options, there is a growing number of individuals looking to step back in time with their nuptials. 

If the idea of going retro with your wedding is appealing to you, there are several ways you can explore this option. Look over the variety of methods couples are employing to invoke the past with their events and see what may fit your big day. 


Of all the wedding services that have been improved by modern advancements, photography is at the top of the list. Once, the process of taking a few pictures and sharing them with others took a long while and involved all manner of chemicals and controlled environments. Even after hours of developing and processing, there was still no guarantee the photos would look the way they were intended. Digital photos made it so that couples can take thousands of pictures at a wedding and share them even before the ceremony ends. 

Still, there are many who believe something has been “lost” with the switch to digital methods. To recapture the aesthetic that only film can provide, there are many couples who are switching to classic cameras once more. Though it can be a bit more expensive in the long run, there is a lot to appreciate about the finished product of photos that have been taken, processed, developed, and printed by an experienced artist. Another fun way to pursue a retro feel with photography is by giving each table of guests a disposable camera and seeing what shots are revealed. 


Another area of entertainment that has been vastly improved by digital advancements is music. Most people know that modern tech has influenced the way music is produced, with songs on the radio typically featuring the latest trends in audio design. However, how music is produced and played can also change the way that it sounds and feels. Audiophiles believe that listening to a song on a record far surpasses the experience of an MP3 file or streaming option. This is why couples are ditching laptop-based DJs for those who like to cart around crates of vinyl.

An entertainer who spins actual records can do a lot more than improve the sound quality of your wedding. If you want the event to recall eras of the past, then having a full DJ setup will give everyone in the crowd a sense of pleasant nostalgia. 


Themed weddings are popular with some couples. If you’re looking for an aesthetic you can play around with, consider diving back in time to a previous decade. Younger couples tend to be easily captivated by periods that took place before they were born. Whether interested in the hippie vibes of the 60s, the disco tracks of the 70s, or the synth-based soundscapes of the 80s and 90s, there are countless times that can be explored. From the decorations you use to the songs you dance to, there are some exciting ways for you to create a vintage event.

Though modern technology has brought a number of amazing changes to the world, there will always be those who are fascinated with the devices of yesteryear. Whether you go all out with this concept or simply add a few specific elements here and there to invoke nostalgia, exploring the past can be a great way to plan for your married future. 

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