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Common Phrases Heard During a Wedding Officiant’s Speech

Writing the perfect wedding officiant speech is something all wedding officiants want. Thankfully, you don't have to reinvent the wheel, and there are plenty of common phrases you can use to make it ideal.

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Why You Should Stay Home for Your Engagement Photos

Where to take their engagement photos is one of the first decisions engaged couples will have to make. One option that is chronically overlooked, but which has major benefits? Taking the engagement photos at home.

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Wedding Officiant FAQs

Asked to officiate a wedding? If it's your first time, you undoubtedly have big questions on how to perform a wedding. Here's a comprehensive wedding officiant FAQ with answers to all your big questions.

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Tips for Current Wedding Themes

Having a good wedding theme not only personalizes your wedding, but also makes it more memorable for your guests. Here's how to pick a winning wedding theme that you and your partner will remember forever.

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How To Grab the Perfect Last-Minute Gift for a Wedding

You're on your way to the wedding when you realize you forgot to get a gift. What do you do? Luckily, there are plenty of last-minute wedding gift options available to purchase so that no one will be the wiser.

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Beyond the Piggy Bank: Where To Save Your Wedding Money

Building a wedding savings up means wise budgeting and cost-cutting. Financing the wedding of your dreams comes with a price tag, but thankfully smart savings and collaboration can help you build up your wedding savings.

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Things To Consider in a May-December Relationship

May-December relationships have considerations that other traditional relationships without significant age difference don't have. From physical differences to tackling stereotypes, here's what to think about.

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How To Find a Reputable Online Ordination Process

Finding a reputable online ordination website doesn't have to be difficult. In fact, you're on one right now! Getting ordained to officiate a wedding is a big honor, but it doesn't have to give you a big headache.

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First Time Wedding Officiant? Here's What You Need To Know

Asked to officiate a wedding? First time officiants may have some major questions about how to officiate a wedding and how to get ordained. Here are all the questions (and answers) first time officiants might have.

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Follow These Steps To Become a Marriage Officiant

Becoming a marriage officiant comes with big responsibilities, but thankfully, obtaining your marriage officiant license is an easy process. The Universal Life  Church allows you to quickly get ordained online!

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