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Stay Ready for an Outdoor Wedding With These Essentials

Few experiences that are as memorable as an outdoor wedding. There’s a special quality to being surrounded by the splendor of nature while tying the knot.

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Interesting Myths Surrounding the Origin of Death

Death has long been a complicated concept for humankind to grasp. Though inevitable, every person must go on his or her own journey to come to terms with the concept.

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Stuck for Wedding Flower Inspiration? Try These Awesome Ideas

Some days, it’s easy to find wedding inspiration. But sometimes, couples may struggle to discover details that uniquely reflect their aesthetics and personalities.

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What Can a 78,000-Year-Old Grave Tell Us About Human Grief?

In May 2021, National Geographic reported an amazing find: a 78,000-year-old grave. While its mere age is astonishing enough, there’s another reason this gravesite is important.

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What Happens After We Die? Just Ask an Ancient Egyptian

Guided by Anubis, these souls arrived in the Hall of Truth to await Osiris’ judgment. While Osiris governed this process, he did consult with others. He turned to Anubis and Thoth

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What You Don’t Leave Behind: Difficult Assets in Your Estate

No matter what your finances look like now, you’ll leave an estate behind when you die. Regardless of its size and worth, your loved ones may receive portions of that estate.

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Hairstyle Dos and Don’ts for Your Special Day

Many couples will hire wedding planners and other vendors for their nuptials. Consult a professional hair stylist, especially if you think you want to do something out of the ordinary for your big day.

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Jain Wedding Traditions

Jainism is one of the oldest religions in continuous practice today. Jain wedding traditions vary from sect to sect, but the weddings themselves have the same purpose

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Ideas for More Inclusive Wedding Menus

When it comes to marriage events, food is one of the most critical elements. From the dinner entree to the wedding cake to the sparkling wine for toasts and more.

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Sustainable Fall Wedding Trends

A popular trend for fall weddings is practicing sustainability and having an eco-friendly wedding. You can reduce your carbon footprint and even save money with a few simple steps!

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