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Leading an Inclusive Interfaith Baptism Ceremony

While interfaith ceremonies are becoming more common, knowing how to incorporate key aspects from both faiths can be tricky. We share these insights as a guide to help in navigating an interfaith baptism ceremony.

Category: Baptism

Baptism religion tradition

A Guide To Writing and Delivering a Eulogy To Celebrate a Loved One's Life

Delivering a eulogy can be overwhelming. Grappling with grief and memories, it can be difficult to know what to include, and how to best honor a late loved one. We share this guide to help you through the process.

Category: Funeral

funeral grief death

How Different Religions View Baptism

A well known ritual that often symbolizes cleansing, rebirth, and dedication to a new path, baptism is not just reserved for Christians. Water rites and rituals are practiced globally in many ways, with similar intent.

Category: Baptism Faith

Baptism religious ceremony history

Pros and Cons of Eloping

The pressures of a grand wedding are very real; as such, many couples are considering a romantic elopement rather than the traditional wedding and reception. We explore the pros and cons of choosing elopement.

Category: Wedding Planning

wedding weddings wedding stress

Everything You Need To Know About Picking a Signature Wedding Drink

Rather than opting for an open bar, and the expense and impersonalization that comes with that, serving a signature drink at the reception gives the couple another fun way to weave their story into the wedding day.

Category: Wedding Planning

wedding weddings receptions money

A Guide for Planning an Intimate Wedding

Intimate weddings are becoming more and more popular. With intention and planning, a more intimate ceremony ceremony can surpass even the most extravagent of weddings, with meaningful moments that honor the unique union.

Category: Wedding Planning

wedding wedding day weddings

8 Tips for a Celebration of Life Service

A celebration of life ceremony is a beautiful way to honor late loved ones and the lives they lived. We offer some insights and tips on how to prepare such a service and encourage other celebrants to honor their life.

Category: Funeral

funeral death

Keeping Love Alive After The Wedding

It's easy to settle into the routines and responsibilties of life, and inadvertantly grow apart from your spouse. These crucial tips on how to keep the relationship connection strong will help long after the wedding day.

Category: Marriage

relationships family home

Maid of Honor Speech Dos and Don'ts

As maid of honor, your speech will be one of the highlights of the wedding reception. The pressure can be intense, but we share some pointers and insights in hopes that it will make this task seem a little less daunting.

Category: Wedding Planning

wedding day receptions wedding party

Considering Different Burial Options

It's likely that when we think of burial options the traditional burial comes to mind; here we explore other options from cremation to space burial. With such options available, it may be time to consider an alternative.

Category: Funeral

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