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Picking the Best Gifts for Your Wedding Party

Showing appreciation to your wedding party is a popular trend. Consider these tips for choosing a gift, regardless of budget, for those people who will witness and support you through one of life's most important days.

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Practicing Self Care While Wedding Planning

Wedding planning can be very taxing, so it's important to practice self-care to ensure that you're clearheaded and able to address all the tiny details. Keep these insights in mind while in this stressful season of life.

Category: Wedding Planning

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Open-Air Funerals in Zoroastrianism

The Zoroastrian faith is ancient in its origins, but there are many who still practice this religion today. One of the unique practices they incorporate are open-air funerals, using dakhmas to dispose of remains.

Category: Funeral Faith

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Effective Ways To Show Gratitude to Your Wedding Vendors

Wedding vendors will handle some of the most important details on your wedding day, from the food and drink served to the memories captured in photo or video. Here are some tried and true ways to express your gratitude.

Category: Wedding Planning

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A Look at Why Weddings Are so Expensive

Weddings have become more costly than ever before. With social media pressure, and expanding guest lists, the cost can add up quickly. Creating a memorable day often doesn't require as much as we think.

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Using AI to Write Wedding Vows?

AI is permeating our world, and while it can bring ease to many tasks, the question stands if it's appropriate to use AI to write wedding vows. Keep these considerations in mind if you choose to utilize AI for your vows.

Category: Marriage

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Changes in Wedding Etiquette Over the Years

It's no surprise that wedding etiquette has evolved with the changing times. With couple's using more online tools to manage the details of their big day, you'll want to keep these tips in mind as a wedding guest.

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Joshua Bassett Baptized at Well Known Anti-Gay Church

Joshua Bassett, openly queer actor, has recently been baptized at megachurch, Bethel, located in Redding, CA. This decision has sparked concern from those aware of the church's anti-LGBTQ+ practices and beliefs.

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How To Pick Your Primary Attendant

Your wedding day is of great significance and choosing the right attendant is crucial to ensuring the day is memorable and stress free. Here are a few things to consider before choosing who will fill this important role.

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Perks of a Winter Wedding

Many people suffer from seasonal affective disorder during the colder months. This is a depression that occurs during winter. It may be because of the lack of sun or the shorter days

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