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Wedding trends tend to come and go. If you’re planning your own wedding, however, you may want to be aware of the hottest and most interesting fads in order to see which aligns with the vision you have of your big day. Take a look at the trends that have been emerging in recent months and see if any are a good fit for your big day. 

Secret Photos

Hiring a wedding photographer is a great way to guarantee you get some excellent pictures of your guests enjoying the reception. However, one trend is pushing away from relying solely on the posed work done by the professionals. Nowadays, couples are asking the people they hire to focus predominantly on taking candid shots throughout the course of the event. A photographer who has experience in this area will be able to take hundreds of pictures without anyone ever realizing they are being photographed. 

While posed photos are nice, they often can feel forced and uncomfortable. Embracing the concept of candid wedding photography can help you uncover a plethora of phenomenal images related to your big day. You are guaranteed to get better pictures of your event when your subjects are not aware that they are being photographed. You’ll see your family members and friends caught in genuine moments of raw emotion in these pictures, which can be worth a lot more than a handful of photos where everyone is simply smiling and posing.

Little Is Big

Countless people throw large, elaborate weddings each year. Lately, there has been a popular trend moving away from big, showy events. Instead, people are embracing the concept of “less is more.” Specifically, couples are utilizing miniature versions of wedding staples. As an alternative to a giant wedding cake, for example, couples are offering cupcakes or other small desserts. Everything from the bridal bouquet to the favors can be miniaturized, so it is easy to get creative with this concept.

Cold and Bold

Once upon a time, ice sculptures were viewed as the pinnacle of elegance at high-end events. While the trend went out of style for a few decades, it seems to be making a reappearance in many modern weddings. Technology has come a long way in recent years, allowing sculptures to be crafted into specific, intricate designs. The choice does not have to be primarily cosmetic, either. Plenty of people use their ice sculptures in a functional manner, such as using it as the base for a raw bar.

Another angle to consider with an ice sculpture is an ice luge. This is a structure that is kept at the bar and used as a way for guests to enjoy chilled shots. If the luge features more than one “path” for the alcohol to travel, guests can drink together and make the experience into a friendly competition of “who will the liquor reach first?”

Surprises Abound

Though your wedding day is all about you and your partner, you likely have an urge to “give back” to your guests in some capacity. While favors are the traditional way to achieve this, one current trend has couples embracing the idea of really astounding their friends and family. Little surprises can go a long way when it comes to making your big day memorable for all. 

Do you think your guests will be hungry at the end of the night? Hire a food truck to sit outside the venue and hand out hot meals to the crowd before they depart. Want to entertain your guests in a creative way? Utilize the services of a magician or performance artist and give your loved ones a show they won’t soon forget. 

Make the Day Memorable

No matter the vision you have in your mind for your big day, there are sure to be many interesting wedding trends that will appeal to your needs. Explore the current fads that couples are raving about to see how you can enhance your event and make it one to truly remember.

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