Your wedding day is going to be a whirlwind of activities and emotions. Between greeting guests, following an itinerary, and handling last-minute details with vendors, you may find it difficult to stop and appreciate the hard work you’ve put into making this day come to life. This is why you want to find the right photographer to capture this special moment. Reviewing different wedding photography styles can help you feel confident about your choice. Consider these options and determine which aesthetic suits you best.

Going With a Classic Approach

Though there are many ways to go about your wedding photos, you may find the traditional method most appealing. Classic wedding photography involves a mix of posed portraits and group shots. The photographer will gather the couple, the wedding party, and specific relatives and friends to take a variety of staged pictures. If this is your preferred style, you want to hire a professional with a lot of experience directing large groups, especially if there are children involved. The photographer should also have familiarity with posing people in a natural and effortless way. 

Capturing the Romance

In recent years, many couples have opted for a light and airy aesthetic. Essentially, this style involves taking photos that utilize natural light to set a tone that is both romantic and whimsical. A professional specializing in this kind of photography may also prefer taking some pictures on film, as classic cameras produce a subtle grain that gives a soft texture to the finished product. Though this option can work for any event, it is ideal for outdoor weddings or during the spring and summer. 

Telling a Story

Staged photos may not be your preference. Some people find posing for pictures to be unnatural and awkward, which is why another popular choice to consider is candid photography. With this method, the photographer will act like a fly on the wall of your event and capture pictures without getting in the way of the celebration. The end result tells the story of your big day as it actually happened, showcasing you and your guests enjoying the festivities in a natural way. Photographers with a background in journalism often excel with this aesthetic. 

Creating a Mood

Do you have a flair for the dramatic? If so, you may want your wedding photos to capture your epic personality. Some photographers are exceptional at creating a specific mood that stands out from other wedding pictures you have seen. Examples of moody photography can include warm tones, oversaturated colors, and bright flashes. This style combines fashion photography and traditional wedding pictures, creating a finished product that perfectly showcases your sense of adventure. Explore sites such as Pinterest and Tumblr to get a better feel for the different ways to go about using mood-driven photos. 

Finding the Right Emotion

Since weddings tend to be emotional events, you may want your photos to reflect everything you’re feeling on your big day. A photographer that centers his or her work around emotional responses can deliver pictures that perfectly capture everything you experienced during this milestone. Instead of using a traditional approach of asking you to stand and pose, the photographer will interact more with you and your guests. He or she might ask you to tell the story of how you met your partner or recall a funny anecdote in order to capture the intense, beautiful emotions that flow forth. 

Discovering the Best Style

Picking the right photography style for your wedding is no small task. Take time to explore the variety of aesthetics available to you and discover a fit that perfectly reflects your tastes.

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