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Bringing a pet into your family is one of the most special and unique experiences you can have in life. As you begin to plan your wedding day, you might notice that you can't stop thinking about what your beloved furry friend will be up to while you're busy getting hitched. Why not include them in the events? Here are 10 tips to help you include your pet at your ceremony and other marriage festivities.

1. Check with Your Venue

Before diving into pet-related plans, check with your favorite wedding venues about their pet policies. Some places may have restrictions, so it's crucial to confirm that they are pet-friendly. If they are, inquire about any specific guidelines they may have for bringing animals onto the premises. Alternatively, you may choose an outdoor or backyard venue to accommodate your four-legged pal.

2. Choose the Right Role

If your heart will be happier with your pet by your side on this momentous day, pick a role for them to play. Popular options include:

  • Ring bearer
  • Flower pet
  • "Best Dog" or cat, etc.
  • Guest greeter

Consider your pet's temperament and training to determine the best fit. If your furry friend is calm and well-behaved, then walking down the aisle will be a breeze.

3. Practice Makes Perfect

Rehearse with your pet leading up to the big day. Familiarize them with the venue, and train them to do the specific actions they'll be performing during the ceremony. Regular practice will help them feel more comfortable and confident on the actual day.

4. Pick Pet-Friendly Attire

Design their outfit early. A cute bowtie, floral collar, or even a tiny tuxedo can add charm to your pet's appearance. Ensure that whatever you choose is comfortable for them to wear and won't cause any distress.

5. Designate a Pet Handler

Assign someone you trust to be your pet's handler on the wedding day. This person can be responsible for bringing your pet to the venue, taking them for bathroom breaks, and ensuring they are comfortable and well-behaved throughout the celebration. Having a dedicated handler allows you to focus on enjoying your special day without worrying about your pet's well-being.

6. Capture the Moment

Work with your photographer to plan shots that include your pet. Discuss specific poses or shots you have in mind to ensure nothing is missed.

7. Embrace a Pet-Related Theme

To let your guests know how much your pet means to you, add in some pet-themed decor, reception goodies, and signature cocktails that display your love of animals. Including your pet in the overall theme of the wedding adds a cohesive and personal touch to the entire event.

8. Pet-Safe Treats

Offer safe treats for your pet to enjoy during your event. Whether it's a special cake, dog-friendly cupcakes, or treats they love, having something to reward them for their good behavior is a thoughtful touch.

9. Plan for Breaks

Pets, like humans, can get tired or overwhelmed. Plan for breaks in your pet's schedule to allow them some downtime. This is especially important if your celebration lasts for an extended period.

10. Inform Your Guests

Let people know that your pet will attend your wedding. This is particularly important for guests with allergies or fear of animals, but it may also inspire your friends to bring their companions along too.

You should get to spend your wedding day with those who are closest to you, including your furry family members. Whether you simply bring them along to the venue so you can check on them throughout the day or you arrange for your pet to be part of the ceremony, your animal companion will love being near you for such an important occasion.

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