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The Universal Life Church is proud to advance its mission around the globe and help its ministers realize their goals. An important part of this work is recognizing the role that technology plays in shaping the future of faith, and embracing new advances as tools to help create a better world for all. By welcoming – as opposed to resisting – these innovations, the Universal Life Church sets itself apart as the most technologically-advanced organization of its kind.

Our unique and cutting edge online ordination model is an example of this vision in action. With this open, accessible path to ordination via the internet, the ULC strives to break down the strict barriers created by traditional faith institutions and actualize a more inclusive future where anyone who feels called to become ordained is empowered to do so – and is given ready access to the tools necessary for success in their role as a minister.

In the course of this work, the ULC and its ministers have been featured in all manner of media and news publications. Becoming a ULC minister allows everyone – from regular people to Hollywood’s biggest stars to carry out important duties and make a real difference in their communities. Check out the headlines below to learn more about what ULC membership means to people, and to see examples of how our ministers put their ordinations to use in the world.