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Officiating a Wedding? Don't Forget These Essentials

If your friends have asked you to officiate their wedding, you’ll be playing a very special role in their celebration of love and happiness. You're probably excited, nervous and unsure about where to even start you ...

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Dressing the Groomsmen in Your Wedding

Many couples decide to have a wedding party, pulling in their closest friends and family members to stand with them at the end of the aisle. It can be daunting enough for the bride and groom to find the perfect outfits, ...

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Tips for Being a Great Godparent

When a child you love gets baptized, it's a very exciting time. The excitement is multiplied when you are asked to be the child's godparent. It's a blessing and an honor and something you shouldn't take lightly. As you p ...

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Avoiding Common Wedding Planning Mistakes

If you've ever been involved in a wedding, you probably know things don't always go according to plan. Sometimes it's not a big deal, but there are times when the wedding party has had to get creative to figure out how t ...

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Why You Should Buy Life Insurance

You've probably seen commercials on television advertising life insurance. Chances are, these commercials involved older or elderly people discussing its importance. While it's certainly crucial for elderly people to hav ...

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Balancing the Role Between Mother and Wife

Being a mother and a wife is a wonderful thing. It's a blessing to have children and to be married to the love of your life. That doesn't mean that it can't be hard to balance the two, however. This is especially true in ...

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Four Ways to Honor Lost Loved Ones at Your Wedding

One of the most difficult things couples can encounter when getting married is figuring out how to honor ones who have passed away. When you have lost people close to you, it often feels important to remember them as par ...

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Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

When it comes to finding your wedding dress, you may be feeling a lot of pressure. So much emphasis is on how beautiful the bride looks on her wedding day, so you want to look your best. This may have made you nervous wh ...

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Decluttering Your Stuff After Getting Married

Getting married usually means a lot of change is coming your way. While most of this is positive, there are some adjustments you will have to make. One of the biggest changes for many wedding couples is that they go from ...

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Photography Mistakes to Avoid on Your Wedding Day

Next to the actual vows, the photography is the probably the most important part of your wedding day. After all, it is preserving a moment in time that will hopefully be one of your best memories for the rest of your lif ...

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