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Wedding Party in Bright ColorsYou might argue that wedding celebrations are more about the guests than the newlyweds. After all, an engaged couple can solemnize their union at a courthouse. However, weddings provide the opportunity to pledge your love surrounded by family and friends. Many people usually ask special people to be in the wedding party, but what if you have a lot of people you’d like to include? You might not even have bridesmaids and groomsmen. Here are some ways to involve your nearest and dearest in your nuptials.

Ushering In

Traditionally, brothers and male friends of the groom and bride make up the groomsmen. For those with an abundance of special men, it’s not uncommon to ask some to be ushers at the wedding. These ushers not only show guests where to sit, but they can escort mothers, grandmothers, and other “VIPs” to their seats. There’s no rule that says ushers have to be men either. Ushers play an important role in the wedding processional and recessional. Ask some of your favorite people to lend a hand or arm, as it were.

Coordinating With Color

Consider asking those who are very special to you and your partner to wear the wedding colors. This is a subtle yet special way to acknowledge those who have supported you over the years. This is especially fitting if you don’t have a wedding party. Friends aren’t forced to wear a bridesmaid dress or groomsman outfit that is unflattering or pricey. This color doesn’t necessarily have to be featured in the main piece of apparel. Wearing the color as an accessory provides plenty of stylistic and sartorial options, and your friends won’t feel pressured to buy an expensive outfit for one-time wear. 

Officiating With Friends

A great way to involve a friend with your wedding is by having one of them officiate. Ordained ministers are legally authorized to join you and your partner in matrimony. Perhaps you know someone who would make a great officiant and is willing to be one, but they are not presently ordained. We might know something about helping you figure that one out (wink, wink).

Participating in the Ceremony

Your friends and family might not be officiants, but that doesn’t mean they can’t find other ways to participate in the ceremony. Someone with a gift for music can perform a selection, such as a favorite love song or some other music that holds significance to you as a couple or the upcoming marriage. Other loved ones can be called on to perform readings of spiritual or non-religious texts or poetry. A contemporary dance routine from the terpsichorean in your circle can be a special contribution to the celebration. You can also put friends in charge of the bouquets and wedding bands.

Clicking and Flicking

Many couples will pose for wedding photos with members of the wedding party. Consider taking photos, both professional and candid, with the people who are closest to you. Uploading pictures to a website or social media page is a good way to acknowledge those who are near and dear. Instant pictures from a photo booth also make a nice party favor or parting gift for honored guests. The shots can be serious or silly. Live in the moment and capture it with photography.

Bearing Witness

In nearly every jurisdiction, adult witnesses are required to make things official. Ask one or more of your dearest loved ones to be the official witnesses. These people will be responsible for signing a marriage certificate, as applicable. What better way to remind those who are close how much they mean to you and your spouse-to-be?

Wedding celebrations are about embarking on a new journey with the support of loved ones. Whether you have a wedding party or not, you can include special people with the big day’s events. These are just some of the many ways you can make a special day even more so.

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