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Godfather illustrationWhen a child you love gets baptized, it's a very exciting time. The excitement is multiplied when you are asked to be the child's godparent. It's a blessing and an honor and something you shouldn't take lightly. As you probably know, this means you will become the child's legal guardian if something were to happen to the parents. However, being a godparent should be much more than that. It should be a fun experience for both you and the child. It's an opportunity that you should take advantage of. If you ever have the pleasure of being a child's godparent, here are some ways you can make it a wonderful experience for you, the child, and the child's parents.

Be Present

The nice thing about being a godparent is that you will most likely be incredibly involved in the child's life. This probably means you will be invited to all of the birthday parties, school plays, and other important events. Make sure you are present whenever possible. Sure, there will probably be times when it's not possible for you to be there. Being present at important events whenever you can will help the child feel incredibly special and loved. Not only that, but it will give the child's parents the confidence that they chose the right person.

In addition, take the child out whenever you can. If you live nearby, you should shoot for once every couple of months. If you live far away, try to take the child out for a date once a year. It doesn't have to be anything fancy. Here are a couple of things you can do that won't break the bank:

  • Take him or her out for a meal at a favorite restaurant
  • Take a trip to the zoo or aquarium together
  • Plan a craft day at home, whether at the child's house or yours

These are just a few of the many choices you have. The child isn't going to care what it is you are doing together as long as you are getting quality time.

Be Available

This may sound the same as being present, but it's actually different. Being present means physically being there for the child. Being available means making yourself available emotionally for the child's needs. While it's important for the child to realize he or she should bring important or urgent topics up with the parents, it's also helpful for him or her to have someone to talk to when the parents aren't a viable option. This is especially true as the child gets older. In the teen years, there may be times when he or she needs to vent. As long as it isn't anything serious, offer an ear to listen and a shoulder to cry on.

Support the Parents

Most importantly, it's crucial that you support the parents no matter what. Even though the role of godparent is incredibly important, it does not mean you have any authority over the parents. Honor the parents' rules and support them, even when the child or teenager thinks they are being unreasonable. It's okay to let kids vent a little, but you shouldn't agree with them if it goes against what the parents are saying. It can be a tricky balance sometimes between the child and the parents, but you want to be on the parents' side so they can trust you to help make the best decisions for the child.

Being a godparent is an honor, and these tips can help it to be a wonderful experience. Being present and available is one of the most important ways to show the child you care. In addition, always support the parents, even if you don't completely agree with them. You don't want to be the reason the child rebels or doesn't listen to his or her parents.



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