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What to Put in a Condolence Card

There are times when it seems that most people are at a loss for words. One of those times is when someone you know is going through the death of a loved one. You want to be comforting and you want to say the right thing ...

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Proper Funeral Etiquette

A funeral is something that can be difficult to prepare yourself for. It doesn't necessarily matter how close you were to the person who has passed away, it is often an emotional affair and something that isn't easy. Sti ...

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How to Survive Your Wedding Day

After months of planning and dreaming, your wedding day is here. Because you want everything to go perfectly, you might be feeling stressed or overwhelmed. You may be feeling nervous about the highly anticipated wedding ...

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What to Put on Your Wedding Registry

Wedding registry for gifts may be one of the best parts of getting married. Sure, getting married to the love of your life is pretty awesome, but it is helpful to receive gifts to assist you in getting set up in your new ...

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Important Aspects of a Successful Marriage

Marriage is a lot of work. While there are many rewards to being married to the love of your life, you have to work at it. Merging two lives into one is a challenge, and there are often adjustments that need to be made. ...

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How to Properly Thank Your Maid of Honor

The process of planning a wedding is overwhelming. It's one of the biggest days of your life, and you don't want anything to go wrong. Because of all the responsibility, choosing the right maid of honor is of the utmost ...

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Three Common Newlywed Struggles and How to Get Past Them

Even when you are married to the love of your life, marriage can be difficult. Even the couple who is the most compatible for each other is going to run into issues at some point. What's important is the way you handle t ...

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Should You Be Baptized More Than Once?

Being baptized is something most people in the religious community take very seriously. It is a commitment to live one's life for Christ. Sometimes, people are baptized as babies or small children before they can truly m ...

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Is a Home Funeral Right for You?

A home funeral is a great way to soften the burden of planning and paying for a traditional service. You are already dealing with the loss of someone you loved, and all of the logistics of a funeral can just add insult t ...

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Moving On Without Your Spouse

If your spouse has recently passed away, you are likely feeling overwhelming grief. You may be wondering how you are supposed to go on when the person whom you have spent most of your life with is no longer on this earth ...

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