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Things to Know About Baptism

Getting baptized is a big decision. It often signifies a very important event in one's religious life. Some religions baptize people when they are babies, while others wait on the person to decide to be baptized on his o ...

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Signs of a Healthy Marriage

Those who are in a healthy marriage can reap many benefits. People who are happily married often are healthier, live longer, and enjoy life more. You may be asking yourself whether or not your marriage qualifies as healt ...

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How Having a Baby Can Change Your Marriage

00518807-001](/assets/getordained/blog/scaled/dad-frets-mom-holds-baby.jpg){.alignleft .size-medium .wp-image-1553 width=300 height=200}As soon as you get married, it seems that all of the personal aspects of your life b ...

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Checklist for Brides the Night Before Your Wedding

The day you have been anticipating for months (or years) has finally arrived. Tomorrow, you will become a bride. Hopefully, all of the planning has paid off and everything has come together well. Maybe you are putting to ...

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Helping Children Cope With Death

Dealing with death is hard for everybody. It's difficult knowing someone is gone forever, whether or not you think you will see him or her again in the afterlife. This process can be even more challenging for children. T ...

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Figuring Out Your Wedding Guest List

When you are getting married, you need to decide who you are going to invite to the wedding. Depending on your wedding venue, you may have room for 75 people on the guest list, or you could have room for hundreds. There ...

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Benefits of Hiring a DJ for Your Reception

When it comes to your wedding, you may be debating whether or not you should hire a DJ or a band. Both of them have their benefits, so it's important to realize the pros and cons of each. Here are some of the benefits to ...

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What to Put in a Condolence Card

There are times when it seems that most people are at a loss for words. One of those times is when someone you know is going through the death of a loved one. You want to be comforting and you want to say the right thing ...

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Proper Funeral Etiquette

A funeral is something that can be difficult to prepare yourself for. It doesn't necessarily matter how close you were to the person who has passed away, it is often an emotional affair and something that isn't easy. Sti ...

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How to Survive Your Wedding Day

After months of planning and dreaming, your wedding day is here. Because you want everything to go perfectly, you might be feeling stressed or overwhelmed. You may be feeling nervous about the highly anticipated wedding ...

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